First time Build - Gaming PC (Budget £400)

Hi, I've got £400 for Christmas, and have decided to use that to buy a new Desktop PC. My first intention was to buy it pre-built, however after some advice, I have decided to build it myself :D. Here is the following template for the PC.
The Highest spec game I would ever intend to play is Battlefield 3.

Budget Range: £400/$625 (Prefer £££)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Internet, Home, Movies

Parts Not Required: Mouse, Monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I don't know any, but I'd prefer them to have good reviews, trustworthy, and widely used.

Country: UK (England)

Parts Preferences: I'd prefer the best I can possibly buy, which I assume is AMD.

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe (Don't know what this is)

Thanks again!
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  1. In addition, I'm not clued up on computer lingo, so please don't be offended if I ask what something means. Finally, I've never built a PC, I've only had experience with desktops :(
  2. I'm afraid I currently only have a shocking Dell Inspiron 1545 at the moment, you can probably see why I need a serious upgrade now ;)
  3. Thanks for the speedy help!! This forum really is shining thanks to it's users. The one question I have is that do all the items in question, easily fit/clip into the Coolermaster Casing?
    In addition to this, how well would this play games?
  4. Oh, and how long would it take for the CPU to arrive? As it's only available on Pre-Order?
  5. Yes, £450 is still do-able :) Thanks again for your help! I'll keep this thread open for other suggestions!
    In total, including delivery, it comes to £467 Which is definitely do-able so I assume this'll be the PC i'll be making!
    Oh, as I mentioned, does all this fit nicely into the case?
  6. Yes, I will need help putting it together and I may need a form of guide for it. While having it ready built is nice, I feel I'd get a sense of accomplishment playing Payday: The Heist on something which I put together :)

    Basically, Yes, I'd need help getting it put together :D
  7. Thanks again, If I could somehow give rep, I'd give millions of it!
    I intend to buy these parts ASAP! And make it ASAP!
  8. Ok :) In addition to this, I have Windows 7 on my Laptop, is there anyway of transferring my copy of Windows 7 to this one? As it'll run up the cost into the £500s
  9. I know it's Windows 64-Bit, however I don't know if there was a product key and CD involved. I assume there was though.
  10. Ok. Surely the Product Key will already be used? Therefore rendering it null?
  11. Ok :) Thanks again for the help!
    If it is a product key from a disc, will I have to buy a new OS?
  12. Edited so that a best answer award may be given.
  13. Oh, one more question! Will this be able to play Discs? Or will I need to purchase some form of technology to allow this to happen?
  14. Ok, how much will that cost?
  15. I saw a guide from a respectable youtuber who has built a gaming PC for $600, what is your opinion on it?
    Would it be able to play BF3 in Medium/High? And other games on the market?
  16. Take a look at Toms 600$ PC.
  17. Ok, Thanks :) I'll order some of the parts today, but will have to sell my Laptop to get the others.

    Thanks again!
  18. I was about to order the prodcuts, and the MSI motherboard is on Pre-Order now? Is there an alternative to this?
  19. Actually, nevermind before you reply ;) I've found the same one of Novatech!
  20. The final clarification before I do this:
    - All the parts fit into the case
    - Are all the wires included (So when everything is in the computer it WILL turn on, and it WILL install a windows os that I have purchased) (disc)
    - The motherboard is compatible with the Graphics Card.
    - The Power Supply connects to what it needs to connect to.

    Thanks again! (Just need this final clarification and seeing if any more parts and needed)
  21. There's a lot of back and forth there. How about a final list?
  22. What type of final list do you mean? A final list of parts?
  23. MSI 870A-G54-FX Motherboard

    Corsair Memory XMS3 Classic 4GB DDR3 1333 Mhz [...] -9-24-150v

    XFX Pro Series Core Edition P1-550S-UKB9 550W Power Supply [...] 12v-fan-at

    XFX HD 6850 XXX AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 1GB [...] ort-2x-dvi

    Hitachi Deskstar 500GB 7K1000.C Hard Drive - HDD [...] cache-85ms

    Coolermaster Elite 334U Black Mid Tower [...] se-w-o-psu

    AMD Phenom II x4 960t Black Edition [...] 95w-retail

    CD Drive

    I think that's everything that I'm using (The OS will be Windows 7 and bought soon)
  24. Awesome! Thanks again for the brilliant help, I'm buying the Processor, Graphics Card, Case, RAM and Motherboard today, and the rest of the parts at a later date.

    Thanks again RECON. You'v been a fantastic help! I'll keep you posted here on the PC development!
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