[New Build] £1500/$2350 Gaming PC

Wtf my old thread is gone :(

Approximate Purchase Date: Feb 2011

Budget Range: £1500 $2350

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, video editing, vid rendering, text editing, viewing photos

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: scan.co.uk

Country: UK

Parts Preferences: by brand or type: No ivy bridge

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments:

Current Parts

Case : Corsair Graphite 600T White Edition

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  1. Thats better :)
  2. Can you send me that screen cap :D
  3. I'm figuring it out i got the screen cap
  4. upload it to imgur or something
  5. The fan is 2011 version, that was a mistake.

    This is a rough outline too, just do more research on what you need and don't need. I personally always get the least modest CPU as that is the baby that keeps your machine going.
  6. 2700K?? Never heard of it!
  7. Plus the HD7xxx series is almost out.
  8. and why just the single 6870?
  9. why don't you put a 7000 in then
  10. See what you can do shopping around. The key is to google every part and compare every part on review websites and read around on forums to see what everyone says. This system can be aquired cheaper if you shop around probably DABS.com i got my PC from them today, and case from scan only because they gave £40 off... now to see how reliable they are. Scan is good, and also if you are getting 1080p monitor try stick to 24". There is a good Dell IPS 24" if i remember correctly for £300.
  11. the HD7000 series are out in a few weeks.
  12. Sorry dabs because they had 40 off and scan because i felt like it.


    its 2x6870 and 16gb ram.. Look closely :)
  13. Is an i7-2600K powerful enough?
  14. sod16 said:


    its 2x6870 and 16gb ram.. Look closely :)

    fail by me lol xD
  15. Yes, tbh a 2500k is probably good to go but I personally would use it for things other then gaming. I was exampling what 1250 can buy you.
  16. This is going to be more epic than I thought :)
  17. I'll probably go for the i7-2600k
  18. You are going to have to check every review possible. I highly recommend the 650D over 600T. I Bought one today :).

    The D14's are massive but the best AIRcooler ever. Make sure you get 1155 one not the 2011.

    You could get one 7970 when it's out in jan or a 7950 or stick with 6870's.
    SSD is fine and I forgot to put in a HDD, try recycle one if you have one.

    You could easily shave more off this by researching differences between motherboards. Dual fan Gcards > Single fan (Cooler and less noise).

    Corsair make amazing PSU's Silver and gold rated are good. No experiance with bronze. Though don't buy a *** PSU.

    8GB Ram is good but 16 is future proofing.

    Windows is windows, check my message to you.

    Tl;dr: LOOK and compare everything on reviews.

    EDIT: Low profileish ram for the d14's. I warn you of the size.
  19. Dell U2412M Is a damn good one.
  20. What about other coolers?
  21. d14 is the best aircooler ever. check reviews. Big but worth it imo.
  22. thx for the advice
  23. Here's my final build, any changes I should make? Comes to £1450

  24. Yes get a DEll 2412M from PC buy it or something look around. That ram is high profile, I Don't think the Noctua can fit over it.
    Your HDD isn't going to be a performer and get a 120GB SSD if you can.
  25. I have 60GB and believe me it's a struggle.
  26. Downgraded to 12GB RAM. Any comments?
  27. and get Arctic Cooling MX-4 4gm Thermal Paste

    Also look at

    www.dabs.com, it's an OK website and you could save money on it. Though delivery might take a while and they don't stock everything scan does. See what you can do :)
  28. Comment is you have a dual channel Mobo, don't want to buy uneven ram. 16GB is good, though LOW PROFILE it, the HEAT spreaders WILL NOT fit under the D14's

    prehaps change your hard drive too to a cav black. Maybe smaller size up to you... and if you build in feb i suggest you look again in case of new stuff.
    The case is VERY good quality but you can skimp on that rather then Hardware.
  29. What's low profile RAM? example?
  30. HDD Recommendations?
  31. Changed to a 750GB Western Digital WD7500AALX Caviar Blue, 3.5" HDD, SATA III - 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache
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