New build £600 budget

OK to start off with i have never built a pc before so try not use alot of confusing computer lingo.Anyway i have a list of parts that i have got together and need the help of the community to see if it all works or if if could get better for my money.

Approximate Purchase Date: Just after christmas

Budget Range: £600-£650

System Usage from Most to Least Important:Gaming, some editing in Photoshop, surfing the net

Parts Not Required: Monitor,Keyboard,mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

Country: England

Parts Preferences: Will defiantly be having the I5 2500k, Prefer a AMD GPU

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes if I can afford it or later if I cant right now

Monitor Resolution: Not to sure, need to find my monitor

Additional Comments:

List I have so far:

CPU: i5 2500k £165 [...] B004FA8NX2

Cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7: £16.24 [...] c-frz-7pr2

Mobo: Gigabyte: £73.49 (Good for crossfire or Sli?) [...] d:19766466

RAM: G-Skill RipjawsX 8Gb: £36.12 [...] cl9d-8gbxl

DVD R/W: Lite On 24x: £13.98 [...] ihas124-19

Graphics: Sapphire HD6870: £132.90 (Want to upgrade to a 6950 or 6970 if budget isnt over) [...] B004R7MTPQ

HITACHI Deskstar Internal 3.5" SATA Hard Drive - 500GB-7200 RPM -79.99-

PSU:750W XFX Pro Series ATX PSU with EasyRail™ Technology- 89.99-

Case: Coolermaster Elite 430 (Will the PSU have long enough cables to get around to the parts)Also will a 6870,6950,6970 fit in this case.

I heard from reviews of the case that cables from the psu can be a bit short so i want a psu that will have long enough cables.Also will the case be big enough for a 6900 card.
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  1. The link to the mobo does not seem to work. Could you give it's code? I think that it should be a P67 or Z68 if you want to overclock the CPU.
    The 430 case should fit a 6950 as it says that it fits a 5970 which is at least 11.5" while the 6950 is 10.6" I think.
    The leads for the psu are fine for me, they can go everywhere that I need in my Antec 300 case.
    You could look at scan for more prices.
  2. I looked at description says it can fit a 13 inch card so that's good, i just ordered the case.Link for Mobo

    I want a mobo that can use crossfire and am either going to get a 6950 or 6870 depending on what i get i will get another to crossfire with at a later date.So everything else is ok on the list?
  3. The RAM does not seem to be on the QVL (Qualified Vendors List) but that does not mean that it will not work.
    The mobo does support crossfire but the second slot is only x4 so you will not get as much power from second graphics card.
    Everything else seems to be fine.
  4. Would you be able to suggest a mobo that can do crossfire with the same power, also alot of people recommend that ram and said it was very good.
  5. You can get a mobo that has either a second PCI-E slot with x8 or x16 depending on how much more you want to spend.
    You could consider the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 for x8 for about £105. The ones with two x16 are much more expensive.
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