Need Help With £400 Build

My brother recently sent his computer in for a repair at pc world and it turns out that it is un repairable so they have refunded him with the sum of £380

I am a novice to building computers and would like some help with building him a good "Gaming" build that will perform well on games such as crysis 2, cod4, bad company 2 at med to high settings.

His old build was on the lines as follows:

AMD 945 black edition processor @3.4ghz
4gb ram
gigabye 5750 1gb
750gb HDD

if you could give ideas and links to parts that are sorced from high quality sites such as scan and aria i would be very greatful indeed as he is currently using a 15 year old pc that can barely run minecraft =/
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  1. Motherboard: £50 MSI 870-G45
    CPU: £88 AMD CPU Phenom II 955 Black Edition
    RAM: £25 Corsair Memory XMS3 4GB

    GPU: £135 1GB 6870
    GPU: £120 1GB 6850

    PSU: £45 Corsair 500w
    HDD: 1TB SpinPoint F3 £42
    Optical Drive: LG 24x SATA BLACK £15

    Total: £400 with 6870, £385 with 6850 (Price doesn't include a case)

    Xenta Black Mid Tower Case £17

    Casecom £20
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