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Best 1080p monitor

Can any of you recommend the best 1080 p monitor for both intensive gaming and for watching movies and are Apple monitors good for gaming with 12ms response time for greet to grey...?? :bounce:
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  1. Quote:
    Can any of you recommend the best 1080 p monitor for both intensive gaming and for watching movies and are Apple monitors good for gaming with 12ms response time for greet to grey...?? :bounce:

    Hi mate
    I just bought a samsung s27a950d 3d led lcd wich is great for gaming and movie's it has fast responce time and also great colour accuracy wich make's my game's look even better it also has really good brightness as well.As for apple screens have not heard anything good nor did i know they made lcd'd that are'nt a mac all in one but with a 12ms responce time it would be a bad choice for intensive gaming look for fast responce time's and good colour accuracy. :sol:
  2. Depends on your budget. Though your considering an Apple monitor it seems you have a decent size budget.
    Also whether you value image quality over a faster response rate. IMO its worth it, the slower response rate only leads to a bit more motion blur.
  3. Well it depends on how much money you are spending. If you want something cheap then don't consider the 3D Monitors. Just buy a LED monitor because they save energy and have an ambient light right for movies and games. I have 3 "filters" when i buy a gaming/movie watching monitor:
    1) low response time (ofc if you have a gaming PC i would recommend an 21 inch or higher screen)
    2) high contrast ratio (for movies)
    3) refresh rate (this is important in some cases because IE i have a 17 inch screen right now showing 1280X1024. Because its maunfactured refresh rate was at 60 mhz i was barely seeing half of my desktop so i set it at 75 mhz and now i'm seeing all of my screen plus it makes everything a little more clear and sharper.)
  4. Fast responce time will allow for more fluint motion in high speed scene's be it gaming or movie's and 3d is not that good as i found out but 120hz refresh rate is great to reduce screen tear in fast paced games.
  5. And yes for 250$ i would go for the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM because it rocks for that money but for 400$ go for the BenQ that bigcyco1 listed that's very good too.
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    There are no "best 1080p monitors" out there. Monitors are specialized and optimized for different tasks and so it all depends on so many factors, specifically on what YOU want/need as a consumer. Now when it comes to budget, I assume that if you're looking for "the best" then money should be a small obstacle.
    Now there are many options to choose from, mainly these;

    - TN-panels: Pros: fastest response times, most modern ones are 3D capable, cheap. Cons: bad viewing-angle, poor colorreproduction (ie. worst image quality of the lot).

    - IPS-panels: basically almost the EXACT opposite of TN-panels

    - VA-panels: looks to combine the advantages of both TN & IPS but does so in a "mediocre" way, leaving it somewhere inbetween the two technologies. Also, common to TN & IPS is the poor production of black images (looks almost grey). VA was introduced to address that problem.

    For more reading: (, (

    Now as you can see, they all have their advantages and disadv. Some say TN is the best for gaming due to its quickness, while others who may not play FPS-games but rather strategy prioritizes better image quality. So in the end, it is all up to you!
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  8. I think I will be going with the Ben 2420t and do movies play better at 24xx x 1440 resolution , I mean are movies available at that resolution... And my as far as budget goes I can manage till anything below 700$
  9. bigcyco1 said:

    Thanks for replying mate and the Benq monitor you suggested does not come with 3d glasses... so can you suggest good 3d glasses with emitter..!!
  10. TheNvidia 3D vision kit would be a good thing to get and some monitors are set up for that as it is. It also depends on your video card. You can also look at this monitor as it is one step up from the model that bigcydco1 listed and it comes with the glasses.
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