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New LG monitor defective?


A few weeks ago I purchased an "LG E2442V-BN Black 24" 5ms HDMI Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 DFC 5M:1" off newegg

Works great however there's a permanent white horse shoe shaped spot of sorts on the monitor. At first I noticed it only on the windows xp start up screen but I recently changed my desktop wallpaper and realized it's not just visible on the XP screen, but every-time there's a solid black image. Actually, it's visible everywhere really but the color of whats on the screen determines just how visible it is. When browsing the web for example, you can't see it

Here's some pics:

Is the monitor damaged?
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  1. So your saying that the picture of the scxreen that you posted should be totaly black ?
    It actually looks like it could be a picture of the moon or maybe a planet that is just black and white with no color.
    Could be that the monitor has burn in from being on with a picture of something for a long time.
    If it's supposed to be totaly black then I would definetly return it and it will be an easy RMS because all you would have to do is send then those pictures.
  2. Thanks for the reply

    Yes the picture should be totally black, the white design above the picture of the moon shouldn't be there:

    This monitor has been like this since the day I brought it but it never bothered me till I changed wallpapers, now I'm always seeing it :o

    Guess i'll throw LG and Newegg an email and see what they say
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    If your within the first 30 days you will be dealing with Newegg and they will just do an RMA and ship you a new one.
    If you go past the 30 days then you'll be dealing with Lg and thier warranty which may be more involved and they may want to try and fix it.
    Do the RMA with Newegg and get a new monitor , I have returned to Newegg before and it's very easy. When I wait past the 30 days then it becomes problomatic with the manufacturer because they want to try and do a repair.
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