New monitor screen flickering

I've just bought an Asus 23" HD monitor and I got on my favorite game LoL and i noticed it was flickering a weird shape in the middle of it randomly throughout gameplay. My old junky monitor never did this which leads me to think it would be this monitor causing it to happen and I was wondering if anyone has had this happen before or perhaps knows a way to stop it if possible?

Thanks for any suggestions or responses. <3
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  1. As with any new device there is always the possablity of it being defective and if your old monitor was set at the same settings and didn't have this issue then that's an indication of the possability it's defective.
    Did you change any of the game settings? Di you check the game settings before playiing because most games will see new parts and equipment and make changes automaticly or they do not and you need to chang the settings to accomodate the new monitor.
    What's different from the old monitor?
    If changing the settings or even using a different video cable doesn't change anything then you may want to return it for a new one before the 30 days is over.
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