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Hello people. Well, after building my new rig, I had to get a new monitor. I was too impatient to research or anything - I just needed to use the new rig - and I ended up buying a LG Flatron d2342 - the first one I could find in the store that was compatible.

I'm pretty unsatisfied with it though, mainly due to its awful amount of screen tearing an the picture not being all that great. So I'm looking for a good, new gaming monitor. 1080p and above 21" . I have around 500-600$.

I must warn that I know NOTHING about monitors, so I don't know what response time, etc, means and what is the ideal amount.
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    This would be the monitor that you want for gaming , it's 144hz and 27" and if you wanted to go to 3D gaming all you would have to do is buy the Nvidia kit. The only thing better would be a 2560x1440 monitor at 27" but those are over $600 and they don't come smaller than 27" currently.
  2. I dont live in the US and do most of my PC parts shopping in two specific sites. Neither 't have that monitor...could you recommend a Samsung , AOC, HP or Acer one?
  3. Samsung and HP are both very good and why don't you post some of the models that you can afford and are available to you.
  4. I'll post the two sites here. They're in Portuguese but since both are eletronics stores that shouldn't be much of a problem ...

    They're organized from the more expensive to the least expensive

    As to the models I can afford, well, they're too many and as I said I know nothing about monitors so I wouldn't know which ones to post. I have some 1,000 Reais , which translates in some 500-600$ for you guys. So I think I can afford most of the monitors here.

    Oh and I need to know... opinion of people who are experts on the subject, just how crappy is that monitor I bought? Were my expectations too high? Because it'll really suck if I buy another monitor and it isn't all that different lol.

    You can look at these and I have had both Samsung and Lg monitors so I can say that they do make good monitors and Benq has been comming on as of late and getting recognition for making some good monitors.

    I will say that screen tearing does not have much to do with the monitor and is more with the video card and the game settings , so the monitor you have may actualy be a good one and you should look at trying to adjusting your game settings and video card settings. I have read some reviews on the monitor that you have and while it's main use is for 3D viewing it also does a good job with 2D so you do have a fairly decent monitor and would advise you to adjust the game settings , maybe turn on V-Sync or Sync every frame to see if you can get rid of the screen tearing first before you buy another monitor only to have the same thing.
  6. Hmm. it happens mostly on a few games ( Far Cry 3 being the most noticeable one) and while browsing texts. When scrolling down the screen tearing is terrible, almost hurts my eyes.
  7. Do you have sync every frame on or off ?
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