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My Current monitor is an HP2709m. It currently get a faint red line up the middle of the panel which can be a bit annoying depending on the game background.

I am considering getting a 2560 by 1440 monitor. I will only really be using it for gaming and general computer use. I realize that I will need to upgrade my graphics card to get value out of it (I have a GTX460 right now).

Initially I thought I had two options. 1- pay like $700+ for a dell / HP or try and order a monitory from S. Korea on Ebay for like $350.

However, I found that Microcenter has one of the "Korean style" monitors now. I would rather pay a bit more and get from them knowing a return is just bringing it to their store which is not far from me.

Has anyone used this monitor and have any opinions on it?
it is an Auria EQ276W 27" IPS LED Monitor
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  1. Can't say that I've ever heard of the brand but it does seem to have good feedback and a way to get a 2560x1440 monitor for under $400.
    The warranty is one year so you can see if an extended warranty is available. On the web page for the monitor , the feedback was very good and just about everyone that bought the monitor would recomend it. If you do get it I would completely check it for stuck pixels and quality so that if you have to exchange it you can do that in the first 30 days. I'm sure that with the monitors with 2560x1440 going for over $600 that there has to be some reduction in quality with this monitor and that's why you should check it out completly and look for anything that may not be acceptable before buying and further check out the one you recieve.
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