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Which Monitor should i get? ;__;

I'm looking to upgrade from my HP 2710m Monitor to something better. I was debating about these 2 here.

-Asus VG278H 27" 120HZ Monitor (1920 x 1080)
-CROSSOVER 30Q5 PRO 30" Monitor (2560×1600)

One has better resolution than the other. One has better refresh rate. One is known, one is mysterious. One is American, one is Korean. Gaaah... I love them both but i don't know which is really better. I don't care about the 3D the Asus has. All i care about is the quality and how they preform.

What i do:

Skyrim, RPG Maker, Sims 3, Web Browsing, Youtube. Litterally...That's all i do on my computer. lol. Here's the link to the CROSSOVER in case you've never heard of it.

I just want to know what would be a good choice here. :)
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    If you have no interest in 3D, which I do find awesome, you should look at the VG278HE, it is 144hz and cheaper as it doesn't have the built in emitter and glasses.

    That said, 120hz is best for gaming in 1st person and over the shoulder games where you control your view with the mouse. I believe Skyrim, of the list of things you do, is the only one that will benefit from it, and only if you have a good GPU setup, of course 1600p resolution will also require more GPU muscle to maintain good fps, but it should also look better in your other tasks.
  2. Oh really? o.o I'll look at that VG278HE. I didn't know there was anything above 120hz.. My friend told me to get real benefit of that was to do 2 Cards together which is why i'm involved in some auctions for another card. lol
  3. Oh my gosh what the? O__O

    I didn't even know this monitor existed. So it's the same thing as the one i mentioned above?
  4. Angelz said:
    Oh my gosh what the? O__O

    I didn't even know this monitor existed. So it's the same thing as the one i mentioned above?

    It is mostly the same, but it is 144hz, rather than 120hz, and the emitter is not built in. It does support 3D Vision 2 with lightboost, but requires a kit that is sold separately, so this sounds more ideal for you, since you didn't want 3D anyways.
  5. I'm excited now X__X it's around 500 on Ebay which saves me 50 dollars. Now i can buy both, this Monitor and a second card at once. I think you just solved my choice :)
  6. I was more thinking about 1600p for you, but ya, I personally would get the 144hz monitor for my needs. I was just not sure you were going to focus on 1st person view (or over the shoulder view) mouse driven games. It is that condition that 120hz/144hz is most ideal.
  7. I use an Xbox 360 Controller on my Skyrim on my computer so i don't really use the mouse lol. Yeah i was looking at that big ol monitor too and at the moment i'm reading some reviews on this thing to see what's being said.
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