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Building a £700~£800 pc

Last response: in Systems
August 3, 2011 5:57:33 PM

Hey everyone. A bit of irrelevant info. My gf and I both are avid gamers but our systems are now ancient and have decided she is getting a new one first as mine is a tad newer then hers. We have a budget of 700 to 800. She does have a Monitor but it only goes to 1280x960 so she needs a new one, unless we can still use the old one and update it at a later date.
We are able to build it ourselves, its just that its been so long since we built one we have no idea which parts to get and where.

Approximate Purchase Date: This week.

Budget Range: 700-800

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (mostly mmos) with the usual use of MSN/browsers/VoIP programs.

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speakers. We could skip the monitor and buy it at later date if something else can be upgraded instead.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Any

Country of Origin: UK, England.

Parts Preferences: i7 (though if its smarter to get a higher end i5 then thats good too).

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: Possibly for future upgrading.

Monitor Resolution: Anything for higher end gaming. Though as said before, can use her old one and buy a new one at a later date.

Additional Comments: I know its pretty much a whole system we are asking of you, if its easier to link us to a new existing build of another computer then that info would be most appreciated as well.

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August 3, 2011 6:30:18 PM

Sorry didnt see the " Recommended Builds by Usage" was priced in dollars.

We have taken an interest in the following setup:

Gamer: $1,080.90 Updated MOBO, GPU & PSU
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I52500K
MOBO: ASRock Z68 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL7D-4GBXM
HSF: COOLER MASTER Intel Core i7 compatible Hyper N 520 RR-920-N520-GP 92mm Sleeve CPU Cooler
HDD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
PSU: XFX P1-750B-NLG9 Black Edition 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS SILVER Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply
GPU: ASUS ENGTX560 TI DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
DVD: SAMSUNG DVD Burner Black SATA Model SH-S223L LightScribe Support - OEM
Case: COOLER MASTER HAF 922 RC-922M-KKN1-GP Black Steel + Plastic and Mesh Bezel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail
Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM
This build will allow you to play games at mid. to max. settings at a monitor resolution of 1900x1200

Sadly the post was last edited a in May.
Does anyone know if there are any upgrades that have come up in the last month?
August 3, 2011 6:40:25 PM

hmm hows this:

Free delivery from Novatech
CPU - i52500k - £160

GPU - MSI 560Ti - £170

PSU - Corsair CX500 - £50

Total - £380

Free Delivery from Dabs

HDD - Samsung 1TB - £40

ODD - Liteon OEM - £13

Total - £53

Free Delivery from Ebuyer
RAM - 4GB Kingston Hyperx 1600 - £24


CASE - Antec 100 - £42

Total - £171

£9 delivery from Scan

COOLER - Gelid Tranquilo - £24

OS - Win7 64 bit - £72

Total - £105

Grand total = £708

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August 3, 2011 7:07:09 PM

Hey Ps3hacker,
Thanks very much for your help, it looks awesome and will probably go for pretty much that.
Was gonna ask what the difference is between the Asus and MSI 560Ti but ill asume its mostly just the brand name.
August 3, 2011 7:18:23 PM

joostlobe said:
Hey Ps3hacker,
Thanks very much for your help, it looks awesome and will probably go for pretty much that.
Was gonna ask what the difference is between the Asus and MSI 560Ti but ill asume its mostly just the brand name.

differences beetween different card manufacturers differs by only a few FPS (by few i mean 1-3), unless its a factory overclocked card, which they arent.
August 3, 2011 7:33:12 PM

Again thanks for your reply, I feel a bit bad for taking more of your time but I've got another question.
My partners work includes video editing and in the future she might want to take work home with her so we'd be looking at 8gb ram.
I dont really see a reason why not but would the following be compatible with the motherboard?
August 3, 2011 7:38:40 PM

You could wait until September 19th for AMD's Bulldozer processors to come out, if your PC's can hang on that long.

Also surely you have cases that could be used? Also can you transfer the Operating system/ Do you want to upgrade?

Onto my suggestions:

i5 2400 (no point getting K if you won't overclock, and no after market heat sink required): £140

Gigabyte z68X UD3: £120

Mushkin SIlverline 8GB 1333MHz £40

EVGA GTX 560 Ti £167:

SSD (what SSD!) Crucial m4 64GB £87

Samsung F3 1GB £36

Mushkin Enhanced Joule 800W £72 (i'd like to see you dual card on the CX500)


Antec 300 case £42

Window 7 64bit OEM £72

I'd be very happy with that.

[EDIT] Forgot to put in final price with delivery+VAT £800.83
August 3, 2011 8:09:30 PM

Thanks Metal Orient for giving us another view on the subject.

Sadly we've been waiting for so very long and she really wants it right now.
She used to mod her own case and its in a bad state after many years of abuse.

Between the two setups i'm pretty sure we are set.

One question though, would you notice any performance difference between the two processors at all, or is it so low it wouldn't be a concern?

Also how come yours doesn't need a heat sink? Is the heat sink just better or is it because the processor is slower?
August 3, 2011 8:13:55 PM

Yes if you overclocked, overwise very little. To some extent i'd recommend going for an i3 2100 as it's cheaper but it's only dual core and not really worth it if oyu don't upgrade to ivy bridge.

Heat sink is only required for over-clocking, the standard intel one will be fine at stock clocks. That's not to say an after market wouldn't be both quieter and cooler, but the money is best spent elsewhere.