BenQ XL2420T or Asus VG278HE

looking for help which to get from those 2 monitors, i was about to go for the Asus but i heard the 1080p doesn't look great on 27 monitor so im not sure..

im usually playing mmo games on PC and few action/rpg games never do FPS .
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  1. I recen tly had a 27" monitor and 1080p looked fine , so you may want to consider that different monitors will present a display differently and you want to consider the source on what you hear. Not everything is 100% all the time every brand and every model will have some percentage of failure or defective parts.
    A report or someone saying something does not mean the whole line is bad , all 27" monitors are bad with 1080p ?
  2. I personally love 27" 1080p. It was a huge step up for me from 24". I'd never go back to 24".
  3. ah ok thanks

    im using samsung synmaster 2450 atm so i guess i'll read more about both monitors and decide ...

    i honestly want bigger monitor but i'll see what i'll end up with, thanks again
  4. i heard the VG278HE have backlight bleeding...the VG278H is same?;/

    if same might as well wait for the new 24 monitor coming this month from asus
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