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24" 1080P TV or 1920x1080 Monitor

I am in no way a monitor or TV expert and I'm not going to pretend that I am. So I'm turning to the forums. I'm looking for a monitor / tv that will have double duty. It will be a second monitor for my laptop (VGA or HDMI, no gaming) and it also be for gaming on my Xbox 360 (HDMI).

I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, one local and in stock and the other online.

Insignia 24" LED 1080P TV $150 (can pick up today) and I have a $25 Best Buy Gift Card so it would be $125 + Tax & EWRA

Asus VH236H 23" 1920x1080 LCD Monitor $170 ($150 after rebate card) + Tax & EWRA

My price range is $150 (leaning more towards the TV for the lower price and being able to pick it up locally and having 2 HDMI inputs).
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    The Asus is probably the better of the two but there's nothing wrong with going with the Insignia Tv , it will work as a monitor and it's a HD tv so it will give a great picture.
    Plus it makes sense to go with it because you have the $25 gift card and you won't be using it just to buy something it will be used on a nice tv to make the cost less.
  2. I already have a Samsung 1920x1080 LED Monitor on my Desktop gaming rig that's just for the computer. So whatever I get would be for gaming on the 360 (don't hate, it's a good time waster) and for normal web browsing, email, watching videos and word processing.

    I'm also leaning towards the TV because it has dual HDMI inputs, so I can run an HDMI from my laptop and an HDMI from my 360 and use the TV's speakers for both simply by switching inputs.
  3. Well there you go , as I said it makes more sense to go with the tv because of the gift card making the price lower so with your added reasons it sounds like a done deal. When do you pick it up ?
  4. Well, I went out and got the Insignia 24" 1080p TV and I'm VERY happy with it. It's good with emails and websites (text seems a little jagged) but it's phenomenal with movies, videos and games (xbox 360).

    All in all, $150 - $25 gift card + $8 Recycle Fee + $9.86 Taxes = $142.86 for a 1920x1080 LED TV that is doubling as my laptops second screen and my Xbox 360's screen.
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  6. Goog luck and enjoy your monitor.
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