Someone recommend me a <£175 monitor with no ghosting.

Hi - I've been through a few monitors in search of one for gaming and all have frustratingly bad ghosting.

I'm looking for one to play games on - not necessarily high end, but one that will not ghost visibly.

Sounds simple enough, but, well... :na:

Size isn't really important - 20-24" is all fine.

Thanks! :)
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    That's basically what you're looking for. I used an Asus monitor similar to that for a fair while and loved it, but moved on to a 120Hz monitor. (Still have that Asus sitting around somewhere, and that's the second part of my point - because these monitors are good, cheap, and popular, you can find them secondhand for a bit of a discount.)
  3. Exactly what I just looked at - however I am reading many complaints of monitors in this series ghosting badly...

    Confused now, aha
  4. Can anyone second that?
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