Advice on new £500ish gaming pc

Hi everyone, just joined these forums, was hoping to get some advice on my plan to upgrade my pc. Currently its a dual core running an 8400gs so I think an upgrade is well overdue!
This'll be my first own-built PC so I need some help! Im looking to spend about £500 quid and for that I need: CPU, GPU, case, memory, monitor, PSU (potentially), CPU cooler (potentially), and of course a motherboard!

Im cheating a bit because im gonna transfer my current harddrive (its only 1 month old)

Anyway: Heres my planned build:
AMD Phenom II X4 Quad 955 Core 3.2GHz Processor 4 x 512 KB Boxed - Black Edition
= £86.48

(Is the generic cooler sufficent?)

or should i buy this?
CPU cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler


or 5850 for
= £100

or 5870 for

ASRock M3A770DE £51.23 (on march's recommended $500 quid build)

Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 SDRAM Memory £32.82


ripjaws ddr3 4gb memory £36

Elite 330 Mid Tower Chassis £31.48

Or Xigamatek CPC-T45UB-U01 Asgard Chassis

I've got a brand new PSU but I've got a feeling its absolute crap and that I'll need a new one.

In which case what PSU would you recommend?

LG W2361V 23-inch Wide LCD TFT Monitor (2ms, 50000:1, Full HD, Gloss Black) £129.99
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  1. Nice build. You are correct, the PSU is crap. Look at a Corsair, XFX, or Antec. Those are the most common brands. A 750w or higher is recommended if you ever plan on crossfiring, but 500-650w will do for a single card for sure.
    I suggest a better mobo, the ASRock 870 Extreme3 is an excellent board, as is the Asus M4A87.

    and BUT THAT GPU NOW!!!! That's an incredible price on the 5850 AND the 5870! They are much better cards than the 6850, and really hard to beat at that price. If you can fit the 5870, I HIGHLY suggest it. (if there are any similarily priced 6950's, those are the go-to cards.)

    Hope it helps!
  2. I'm having some trouble editing my post but it seems the 5870 deal is from a scam website, however the 5850 is certainly legit so i'll go for that.

    I've heard the i3 intel-core-i3-2100--31-ghz is probably better for gaming than the phenom 955

    and ive found it for 88.40 (pretty much the same price)

    Would my build still be compatible, or would i have to change some things because the processor would be intel?
  3. You would need to change the motherboard, and look for a 1.5V 2x2GB memory kit.
    At that price range you are probably looking at the lowest end of the H61/H67's.
    Asus H67 boards seem to be about £70-75,
  4. That is definitely a debate on here. While I think the i3-2100 is the best option for low end gaming PC's, the forum at large has corrected me.

    Once you get a few background tasks running, it will apparently bog down the machine a considerable amount. For that, a true Quad excels. And plus by going 955 you get more mobo options, such as one with crossfire, USB3, Sata3 vs. the plain and bare H67 or Z68 board you'd need.
  5. saw this:
    add the GTX 560Ti and you have rocking gaming system. The PSU is a little on the weak side, but you could just build a similar system with a better psu
  6. Which one are you referring to? There are 5 machines in that list.
  7. sorry the V15
  8. Thanks, but I'm afraid thats overbudget, I need to buy a monitor too.
  9. sam555 said:
    Thanks, but I'm afraid thats overbudget, I need to buy a monitor too.

    try this then:

    Intel CPU i3 2100 Sandy Bridge Dual Core Processor £90.16

    MSI H61M-E33 (B3) Intel H61 - Motherboard £53.53

    Corsair Memory XMS3 Classic 4GB DDR3 1333 Mhz CAS 9 Dual Channel Desktop £27.72

    24" Samsung B2430L Widescreen LCD Monitor LS24PULKF £108.29

    Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-430CX 430W Power Supply (PSU) £35.32

    Xigmatek Asgard Black Mid Tower Computer Case £29.98

    from £345.00 + £25.16 delivery= £370.16

    Asus 1GB Radeon HD 6850 DirectCU PCI-E 2 £119.95]
    no sure what the delivery is on this

    £119.95 + £370.16 = £490.11

    using your HDD and hopefully DVD/CD drive you get a kick@$$ budget gaming system for £500 ish

    Note: Stock cooling on the i3-2100 is fine. the intel box coolers aren't that bad.

    I would also get at least 1 additional fan for the case. it comes with an intake fan, but you should have an exhaust fan at the rear.
    BFF-SCF-12025KK-RP - 120mm BitFenix Spectre All Black Fan Quiet, Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) 1000rpm £3.52

    going with a i5-2400 quad core adds £55 to the build, but may be worth the extra £ if games ever evolve past only using two cores
  10. looks good except the PSU. OCZ doesn't have a very good rep. I've replaced 2 for customers in the last year. never had a bad corsair, Antec, Seasonic and a few xfx Core series.

    get a Corsair a CX 500
    same price

    good find on the GPU and 2 free games to go with it. GPU's are a little on the Pricey side in the UK.
  11. I dont know, I think the stealthXstream is a mid tier PSU, above the Corsair builder series certainly.
    And here's better case:
  12. striker410 said:
    I dont know, I think the stealthXstream is a mid tier PSU, above the Corsair builder series certainly.
    And here's better case:

    I with you on the CM 430 case. It looks better to me and the quality is a little better.

    On the PSU, its more of a personal observation and preference for corsair, antec, seasonic etc. I guess I only saw the ones (OCZ) that didn't work. I used about a dozen of the CX series and haven't had one fail yet to my knowledge.
  13. Haha yeah. Since they are both the same price, I guess it would make sense to go with the old standby. I've never heard of a Corsair having issues, so you're probably right.
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