Advice on new £500 SB Build

Hey all,
My cousin wants a new computer ready for when Guild Wars 2 comes out, so I have set about making him a build

Here's what I've got so far

MSI H61M-P23 - £46

i3 2100 - £90

CM Centurion + PSU - £75

Samsung 500GB F3 - £32

Windows 7 OEM - £67

G-Skill 4GB - £33

Sapphire 6870 - £125

Sony DVD Drive - £16

Mouse - £4

Keyboard - £5

Wifi Card - £22

Overall, How does this build look for gaming? The main purpose will be to run Guild Wars 2 at max on 1080p.

Thanks all!
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  1. Anyone?
  2. According to this review:
    That case can take graphics cards up to 25cm in length.
    According to this:
    that card is 25cm long.
    I also think that the power connectors on those cards are on the end, so that would actually increase the clearance needed. So unfortunately I think you might need to rethink case.
  3. The power connectors are pretty much on top of the cards these days and to my knowledge on pretty much all 6870's so that shouldn't be an issue, but yeah it will be a tight fit regardless.

    Go with either 2x4G or 2x2G memory, since using 2 sticks will double your memory bandwidth because of the dual channel memory controller.
    Also 1333MHz will be sufficient for speed for the memory as that is the maximum of the H61 platform.

    As for if it will be able to run GW2 at 1080p maxed out, quite hard to say. I'm sure it will run, but you might not be able to have all the possible eye candy on. Also i doubt you will be running at 60fps+ if there is a crowd around you.
  4. Ok; any recommendations for a case/PSU combo near that budget with more room?

    Thanks for the help
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