Company PC £5000 Need opinions on the build!!!

Hello I just wanted to link a Rig i will be building for my company they do Computer Aided Engineering and simulations using the software Ansys

CPU- Xeon x5690 - £1201.55 OR Double if we decide to get 2

Motherboard- EVGA Classified SR-2 - [...] oards&sw=5 £486.66

Memory- Corsair XMS3 Classic- [...] _id=172049
£686.56 FOR 4 SETS £171.64 FOR 1 SET

Hard Drives- Western Digital VelociRaptor WD3000BLFS 300GB - [...] ller(card) £921.06 FOR 9 £102.34 each

SATA Raid Controller- Highpoint RocketRAID 2320- [...] ller(card) £229.06

Case- [...] 138&g=spec £369.98

PSU- [...] e+shopping £197.45

Graphics card- £553.68

DVD-RW +RW Drive- £49.84

All in all it is costing £4695.84 for one Processor OR £5897.39 for two Processors PLUS Mouse and Keyboard but dont worry about that

So what i want to know is are all these compatible and is there any better options as i had a budget of £5000 so with one processor i still have just over £300 I have not really looked into raid controllers but i just found one that supports 8 drives and is raid 0 as that is what i need

the raid may change into this one

thank you for taking the time to answer and read this
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  1. anyone??
  2. That PSU link is broken.
  3. A bunch of your links are broken, but off the top of my head I have to wonder about the 9 10k RPM HDDs? If you're trying for max throughput a few good SSDs could could do way better, and if you want storage capacity a couple 2-3TB 7200 RPM HDDs would give you way more.

    I also have to wonder about a $400+ case, but without working links I can't comment for sure.

    It would help if you could detail why you made some of these choices?
  4. Case =
    if it still does not work its called Lian Li PC-V2120B Aluminium Full Tower Case - Black

    also SSD 250gb are too expensive as i am already very close to the £5000 budget
  5. is that the only flaw in my build??
  6. No need for nine Velociraptors. Get two 2TB HDDs in RAID and an SSD for programs and OS like this one:
  7. I'd steer well clear of a 9 disk RAID 0 array, your chance of failure is huge.
    The RocketRaid card selected doesn't look like a great performer either.

    Are you looking for raw speed or do you have a capacity target in mind as well.
    A smaller SSD for the OS/Apps/working directory (Say 120Gb) and as many WD RE drives as you need in a RAID 5 or 10 array for the data would be a better solution IMHO.
  8. sorry for late reply was asking my boss about raid5 or 0 he said they need 0 for performance and the data gets saved somewhere else anyway so it doesnt really matter if one fails but what i would like to ask is would and SSD for my OS improve performance and if so where and by how much
  9. Four SSD's in raid0 for transfer speed plus a couple large mechanical HDD's for long term storage would still be far more reliable IMO. Velociraptors really just aren't that good anymore. Besides their seek time advantage (which SSD's beat by an order of magnitude) a newer 7200RPM performance drive will perform just as well. (Higher platter density than the 300GB velociraptors)

    I just don't see the math making sence.
  10. Sorry, I don't know anything about the Ansys software.

    Here is a link to a couple of HP workstations recommended for Ansys - I'm sure you've looked through these.
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