£3000-4000 GBP Gaming rig

Looking at spending £3000-4000 on a gaming system. Monitor, mouse, keyboard included (IDK about monitor, but R.A.T 7, Logitech G15 are nice). Currently upgrading from an all-in-one iMac. I live in the UK, so prefer parts which come from UK sites. Thanks for the help
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  1. Even with a 30" monitor, £1000 alone, you should be able to assemble a nice rig (2500k/P67/6950gpu) for much less. Granted, the UK has high VAT, but even £1500 goes along way if you can live with a 23/24" 1080P widescreen

    (I never understood the thought processes behind 'gaming' keyboards or 'gaming' mice, personally....; I've always thought $8 keyboards/mice to do just fine)
  2. Think this is a decent build with room for another 580 if needed for under £2000
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