Best non-flickering, low-brightness 21 to 24 inch monitor (that pivots please)


I'd really appreciate informed suggestions for a monitor purchase:

I have light (brightness) and flicker-sensitive eyes, and need a pivoting monitor with great clarity for text and cgi work. Pixel density is important.

What works for my eyes (except I need more work surface=second and slightly larger monitor): My Sony Vaio has a 16.4 X-Brite-Eco 1600 x 900 ( HD+) screen with 1.3 Megapixel resolution..(native 720p for high-definition viewing)..apparently CCFL backlit. Both text and images have good clarity and the lowest brightness setting works for me in a room with diffuse light. (I wouldn't object to a lower brightness setting :-).

I was considering the Dell U2112HM (or 23-inch), but based on a forum comment about the lowest brightness not being low enough - consistent with my other Dell monitor experience* I think it's out.

Although glare off the glossy X-Brite-Eco surface limits where I can use the screen - at least I can move, turn the lights off ...or work in a cave:~). The grainy distortion of anti-glare coatings cannot be escaped.

If there are there any non-grainy, non-distorting options to control glare - I'd really like to hear about them. I've accepted that I may need to continue managing glare through careful room light control rather than with a grainy screen coating that distorts text.

*Note to convey my level of sensitivity: I've used a friend's (older, 21") Dell monitor and have to turn brightness to 0 and contrast to 60-75). It's still too bright, but if I turn the contrast lower, its a different strain. Dark text on white is pixelated and gives me a general burn, while white text on dark brands my retinas even at 0.

P.S. I've worn shades - but would really like to manage the brightness on the hardware side.
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  1. Just our of curiosity, do you have some sort of medical condition that requires such low brightness?
  2. ...I have considered the possibility - but not to my knowledge?
    My eyes have always been this way ... back in CRT days, people would walk by my office and ask if there was something wrong with my monitor, and why did I have my overhead light off (to avoid glare and the buzz) :ouch:

    Ok, well, even if I'm almost a bubble girl, I still need to be productive ;)

    My laptop screen (described previously) is fine. So I'm looking for a larger, HD monitor that can go low on the brightness range and can pivot. I would really appreciate suggestions. Thanks!
  3. The difficulty in the question posed is almost no one uses a monitor this way, and manufacturers do not display spec's on the characteristic you want. The only recommendation I could offer is to go to a local computer store and play with some monitors to see how low their brightness will go.
  4. Thanks for trying bystander. This is not the first time I've been an outlier. At least you didn't call me an alien. btw, I've been awake since 2am because the moon was glaring through the shade...must get curtains... ;)
  5. I think you should get an eye exam just do it, this sounds like its a very serious eye condition and its better to know now, then later or never.

    I'm going to assume you get eyestrain, even during the day.
    To the OP I don't expect you to read the [[ bracket text ]]
    [[Note to Toms Hardware, please do not ban me for posting answers about this multiple times, there is a research page with this program, and people with eye strain or serious conditions with their eyes can benifit GREATLY with this program.
    On the website, people have commented tht the computer gave them migraines, or made them worse, and they'd have the screen on the lowest brightness and it would STILL cause them issues. Since they started using f.lux, their migraines went away or were greatly reduced.]]

    Since the monitor seems to bother your eyes and you need low brightness I think f.lux can help you. It doesn't lower your brightness a lot, just a tiny bit. What it does do, is change the color of the screen to match your indoor lighting, or any setting you pick really. I'd ask that you try f.lux and see if it helps you.

    If you need help using the program, there is a FAQ link you can visit that can help you a lot.
    FAQ link -
    Download link - main program
    Download for beta (highly recommended)
    I hope this helps you use the computer without your eyes bothering you as much, good luck
    Oh here's the research page too!
    Let me know if this helps!
  6. Thanks for your concern @Tim, "I think you should get an eye exam ..." I've had eye exams - no apparent 'condition' other than I'm way more sensitive than most.

    While I don't really "...get eyestrain, even during the day", except in bright light situations - especially fluorescent overheads and monitors. Of course, my eyes get sunburned easily especially when around snow or water - and bright monitors. I will check out the program you have suggested.

    A friend recently alerted me to the blue light research relative to sleeplessness - so thanks for the links so that I can become better informed about it.

    Also, thank you very much for sharing the website - I'll check it out & let you know if it helps!
  7. Thank you Id really like to know if it helps, also when you dim an LED monitor it will fluctuate or flicker in brightness so keep it close to max and get an app to dim the screen as well!
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