£400-£600 gaming pc build help

Guys can you recommend me a build thats within the price range of £400-£600 that looks flashy can hold 2 graphics cards so I can cross fire them and runs all the latest games at the highest graphics setting and will last 2-3 years.
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  1. that's a tall order, but I will try. I need a little more information though. Is your £400-£600 before or after VAT, shipping and rebates?
  2. I think filling this out will be more helpful:
  3. after vat shipping and rebates
  4. With or without Windows 7?
  5. i5 2500k - £160
    4gb DDR3 - £30
    Coolermaster Elite case - £25
    MOBO you pick-£80
    PSU you pick - £50
    HDD you pick £30
    DVD RW - £12
    6950 - £180

    All from Scan with free next day delivery and you still got plenty of change for extra RAM etc!
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