My £1000 Gaming computer

Im wanting to build a gming computer that will be mainly used to play games, specifically World of Warcraft.

I want to know if its possible to get a computer for £1000 That can completely max out(except shadows) World of warcrafts Graphics. I want it so i can participate in 25 man raids with ultra settings still on.
I may also buy the Razer Naga gaming mouse, i have a keyboard and a 32" HD ready tv already :)

Ive had a real problem with overheating Graphic cards in my previous computers so have decided for the case i want the Cooler Master HAF 932 Case, but the rest is.... upto you ;)

Thankyou !
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  1. Have been awake for about 48 hours, so my brain is in no way fit to start putting together a system for you within budget.

    I just wanted to reply, to let you know that we're reading and thinking and people will be getting back to you soon. For £1,000 you can max out settings on every game currently in existence, so far as I'm aware. Especially since you already have your monitor.

    As a very quick basic idea, you're looking at the Intel i5 2500K (roughly £180, I think), GPUs for somewhere around £300 (either a GTX 570 or SLI GTX 460s, if you can be bothered with the hassle), 4GB or 8GB of memory (somewhere under £100 for 4GB, easily), 1 or 2 TB storage (somewhere extremely under £150), maybe a 750W PSU (somewhere around £100), motherboard (I don't know how much 1155 mobos are - maybe £150?) and your case (around £100).

    Now, my prices are probably a good 10% - 20% over what you'd expect to actually pay, in most cases. I tend to worst-case-scenario when I write prices down. So your total there (from my actual numbers) is around £1080. Drop a minimum of 10% and you're nicely under budget.

    I'll look at this more when I'm awake tomorrow, unless someone else beats me to it.
  2. First, what resolution, is your TV? If its not 1080p, its probably not going to work well for gaming. 720p TV's display at 1366x768, which is way to low for games, especially WoW. Second, the 932 is a huge case. Take a look at the HAF 922 unless you really want to add 6 HDD's and 2+ media drives. HAF 922 is a very big mid tower, but not obscenely big. Anyways, you should take a look at the i5-2500k coming out next week. Its supposed to be about $215 and Im guessing P67 mobo's will be around $250.
  3. okay i shall look into all these parts, the reason i chose the HAF 932 is because it has additional fans... ive had many computers that have overheated. and my monitor is 720 p but i really dont have the $$$ to replace it :(
  4. to max out WOW you probably only need to spend £500

    Do go the extra and get the 1000 rig though (worth it for all other usage) and certainly get a 2500k/2600k when then are available next week.
  5. oh really ?

    Well then hopefully this shall last longer then expected, my plan was once my graphics cards became outdated to get a second one installed to add a few years of life extra. is this viable with the GTX 570 ?
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