Approximate Purchase Date: This week

Budget Range: About €1,600, can go a little over

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming.

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, headphones, have all these picked out :)

Preferred Website for Parts: www.hardwareversand.de

Country of Origin: Ireland.

Parts Preferences: No preference tbh.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: Since i'm going for a 24" i'll probably be running at 1920x1080.

Additional Comments: Just looking for a buy that people think would run well. <u>THIS</u> is what I was thinking of http://boards.ie/vbulletin/attachment.php?attachmentid=134703&d=1289679162

<< Basically if you can check that out and work from it, I'll definatly be running Windows7 Ultimate and i7.
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  1. Swap to the Corsair 850HX and you can save 26 and still have a very nice PSU.

    You will want a big standard drive to serve as your primary storage drive or you will fill up that SSD pretty quickly. You can get a nice 1TB Samsung F3 hard drive for 48, still leaving you under your 1600 budget.
  2. Yeah had to add in my main HDD to that build, totally forgot about it.
    I think i'll go for the Corsair 850HX and maybe go for a better gfx card with the cash saved, can go up to about 290EURO for it i'd say, now just to find the best one for that price tha'ts compatable with the mobo i've picked.
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