£500 wow build

Approximate Purchase Date: around december but probably sooner.

Budget Range: £500 as absolute maximum, rebates dont apply in the UK

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Its a build for my brother, his main request is that it will run world of warcraft at its highest settings (after cataclysm comes out) he "raids a lot" and therefore needs it to be responsive at the highest settings too. he does the odd bit of web browsing and what not soo, he also needs a wireless card in all this as our home network is wired, im thinking about buying a wireless N router so yeah.

Parts Not Required: no mouse or keyboard or os, monitor required in the price but hes limited on space so im thinking a 19" monitor at most!, no speakers either.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: None, whatevers cheapest.

Country of Origin: UK

Parts Preferences: I tend to fine gigabyte to be good mother boards, again max of a 19" monitor (mabye a 20 (no more than 18" across)

Overclocking: mabye

SLI or Crossfire: cant see it happening in the budget.

Monitor Resolution: any

Additional Comments: Quiet pc is prefered. and my brother has a fear of computers overheating atm, he has a sony vaio laptop and sony being rediculously capitolist charge a bomb and sell crap products, his laptop is litterslly 80 degrees uner load, he had to buy a keyboard and mouse to use it cuz its too hot for his hands.

I look forward to your feedback :)
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  1. 502 quid off Ebuyer UK - could squeeze in a 20" LCD hehe
  2. Yep happy shopping/building ^^
  3. just out of curiosity, how many pc's have you built?
  4. Err i have seriously lost count lol
  5. it shows in how quickly you put that together, you should seriously charge for that! (just not on th :D (Y) )
  6. btw that monitor you reccomended is no longer for sale and i cant figure out which one to get in its place now! D: none of the others seem to be anywhere near that for the price.
  7. This Viewsonic is in stock ^^
  8. but its vga only isnt it? i thought there was a big difference in picture quality between vga and dvi?
  9. Well having used both i wouldn't say the diff is big but thats down to user preference/threshold ^^
  10. the main use is going to be world of warcraft so what do you think? i have no clue :S
  11. If waiting is an option then hit DVI out ones as soon as it is restocked..or hunt elsewhere
  12. That would do as well ^^
  13. awsome, thanks
  14. You are welcomed ^^
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