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So its been a while and a friend needs a new computer, since blowing his psu and then blowing the motherboard, with his hd making load noise, his current 10yr+ machine needs to be thown out. Its needed asap, so please recommend from places where parts are available.

Here is what he has already seen and with his finances up in the air, he would like to be able to buy from 1 place with a payment plan/finance option.

To be used mainly as a home computer for general browsing, downloading, watching movies etc etc, family computer for no gaming! Possible option of it being connected to a TV and maybe go wifi, but the HDMI, but I already have 3 spare wifi cards, so he can take 1 if ever needed.


I picked the following, what do you guys think? please recommend anything that would save him monies with lasting maybe another 10 years :)

# Build 1 (AMD) From Scan.co.uk

Coller Master Elite 335

Corsair 4GB



Win7 home prem

Digimate 23"

WD Caviar Green 500GB

AMD 5450

Silverstone 500w

Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H

Sony Dual layer

AMD pII 555 x4

£611.33 including tax and delivery

Im an amd fan, so thats why I went amd. Plus I have no clue about intel's garbage confusing motherboard/cpu naming.

All parts must match or exceed that which he has chosen. I dont want him to ever complain about it being less than what he had chosen, so please pick as I have done: dedicated gfx rather than onboard, more ram, bigger hd, better psu, etc...

Thanks in advance.

PS, sites must be UK and all parts must be brand new with warranty.
Sites Iv used many times are:

ebuyer.com(or is it .co.uk)

But, im more than happy to buy from any other uk site, so that its a fast delivery and turn around time, if needed for a RMA.

Thanks again....
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  1. I hear those are more trustworthy than Scan.

    Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H
    Asus M4A88T-M/USB3

    No video card needed, the onboard one is more than enough for movies and such, a dedicated one is a waste of money.

    AMD Athlon II X3 440 (Ph II 555 is a dual core)
    Same RAM
  2. +1 about the graphics card. If he didn't see the inside of the case he wouldn't notice the difference between having a graphics card and not for the stated usage.
    +1 to the Samsung HDD, as it is faster.

    If you decide to drop the GPU, you could go even lower again (in terms of price) with the Antec Earthwatts Green 380W 80Plus Bronze £36. Aslong as you don't have to buy a power cord then I think its the better choice, but just by a whisker (over the Corsair CX400).

    You could also get this case/PSU bundle:
    Coolermaster Elite 330 Case With Coolermaster eXtreme Power 460W £58
  3. Thanks guys, he's seen what i picked and your suggestions, so will soon be buying (monday). After going through a few things with him, he would like a gfx card for that added benefit of it being dedicated and future proof with whatever crap he may later install, plus the fact its got hdmi to link up to his hd tv for all the movies he likes to watch. He also asked if he could get blueray and use his existing dvdrw, so I shown him a few blueray players.
  4. Considering that plenty of motherboards have HDMI out then that ceases to be a good reason to get a dedicated graphics card. Futureproofing is dubious as well, as if he ever does need a graphics card he will be using one that it likely not up to it and might have to replace it anyway, therefore wasting £50.
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