Final check before I order, £650 gamming pc opinions needed

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  1. It is all compatible.
  2. looks sweet enjoy
  3. Alternative for monitor:

    Samsung SM2333SW 23"

    That PSU is way overkill for your setup and you can't add a second video card on that mobo.

    You can get the Corsair 400W CX (plenty of power for this system)
    And the XFX HD 5850 Black Edition

    and the Samsung monitor for a bit more in total (some £10). If that's too much you can get some cheaper RAM.
  4. The Corsair VX is a terrible buy for 67 pounds, it is a good power supply but it is at the wrong price. For only 3 pounds more you can get this: XFX 650W XXX Edition 80Plus Bronze, Modular £70. You can even get this, which is more powerful, more efficient, modular and cheaper: Be Quiet Special White Edition 80Plus Bronze, Modular £60.

    The problem with the 400CX is that it only has one PCI-E power connector, which is an indicator that it is a tad light on power for a video card that needs two.

    The only other thing I would change, if it was my build, would be the case. But only because I don't like the look of that Casecom and I'd prefer to get something more expensive.
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