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Thoughts on this £900 ($1300) system ?

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September 10, 2010 9:20:23 AM


Building a new system for data processing, excel development, multi thread data analysis and database work

Thoughts on the below? (I will be using a 64gb boot drive, which isn't shown below) :

Processor -

Case -

Docks -

Velociraptor 6gb/s -

Overclocked RAM -

Mobo -

Thoughts on the above?


More about : thoughts 900 1300 system

September 10, 2010 9:31:21 AM

you'd save a lot of money per that website to get a 1 TB Spinpoint F3 and a 64 GB OCZ SSD. the 64GB as a boot/applications disk, and the 1TB as a much larger data drive. Both combined are 183.43 pounds vs 207.93. the Velociraptor is Sta 3, but doesn't really even saturate a SATA 2. might as well get the still fast, but bigger SATA 2 drive.

you probly won't need a graphics card for DB work
September 10, 2010 9:54:07 AM

The new velociraptor is 6gb interface, and the mobo is 6gb interface

I have samsung f3 on my home pc, 500gb single platter. I wouldn't need 2tb, 600gb would be ample so wanted the fastest drive I could get

Was thinking of running a second SSD as a dedicated page file / temp drive so that I dont burn out the boot drive by constantly I/O (the database software I use has alot of I/O operations). Need a page file as the files I use are 15gb each! millions of records

I have used SSD tweak to swtich off the page file and other feature on my home SSD. Not noticed any performance loss? Using 4gb RAM. When would I notice performance loss?
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September 10, 2010 9:55:22 AM

Will probably get a quaddro card so I can run 3 / 4 displays
September 10, 2010 10:03:05 AM

^ Actually for DB work, the Raptors are fine, high IO with high capacity...
But the 2TB Blacks are a better buy IMO...

Mobo - That Gene is a very good option, but you can save money with these...
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

RAM - Are you going to overclock the CPU above 4GHz? If yes, then only those RAM are worth it and also better to go with Tri-Channel kit,
I would suggest these -

Nice case you have selected there...
September 10, 2010 10:15:27 AM

Hmmm my first thought was the tri channel kit

But I will be running 32 bit will only try to address 4gb of RAM (good old 32 bit limit) ?

In fact I think excel 2007 has a virtual memory limit of 2gb...but not sure how much physical memory it can address?

I need to know what OS I will be running, if its 64 bit then the 6gb (or maybe 12) will get the thumbs up.

Any thoughts on running a seperate page file drive / temp drive (software uses a temp location for writing file segments while indexing and processing etc)
September 10, 2010 10:21:47 AM

the velociraptor is a 6GB interface, but it's actual throughput is not that much higher than the spinpoint drives.
Nothing yet on the market actually saturates SATA II except a couple of the MOST expensive SSDs. Mechanical HDDs just don't come close.

a second SSD as a temp/swap space is not a bad idea, given the size of your DB files. I'd say a 30-32GB SSD for that purpose should be fine. Just be prepared to potentially replace it in 1-2 years (maybe sooner) instead of the usual 3-5 years, as it will get used up faster.

you might benefit from more RAM, given the size of your DBs. Rather than the overclocked 2133, look at getting 8 GB of dual-channel DDR3-1333, which should be around the same price . The performance difference between the 1333 and 2133 will be more than offset by less caching, even if that cache is an ssd.
8 GB of DDR3-1333 at the same site: 142 w/VAT

16GB is 386 after VAT, if you could swing that

If you're going to be doing multithreading apps, an AMD 6-core processor may see performance gains over the i5. Not every app can take advantage of the 6 cores however.
September 10, 2010 10:23:44 AM

^ If you go with a big SSD, say 60GB+, then you can use a part of it as page file drive( a small partition maybe )
The typical installation of WIN 7 is about ~15-20GB + important apps ~3-4GB + 20% of free space for optimal performance of the SSD, which leaves about 10-15GB space,...
September 10, 2010 10:34:19 AM

Thats what I thought. So I will have to choose between 6gb RAM or 12gb RAM (probably the 12gb if I can swing it)

I thought it would be safe just to have a cheap SSD rather than partition my main boot drive. Less hassle in the long run...dont want one part of my SSD to get burnt up while the boot parition element is still then only have a half of an SSD ;) 

Would be better to buy a seperate one and bin it when it fails, with an intact boot drive still?

I have seen the benchmarks....althought the AMD has 6 true cores, its falls between the i5 750 and the i7 920 in most tests.

Most programs (including excel) will use HT instruction set so can take advantage of the 8 logical cores of the i7

I was very tempted by the AMD x6 when building a Mini ITX. There were a couple of boards that supposedly support the standard 1055t thuban, 90w version, but sounded very hazy with reliability and stability questions. Settles for an i3 530 + GTX 460 mini itx system in the end (the Palit OC Sonic Platinum is prob the best performer at the moment and it is a good inch shorter than the reference card)

Thanks for help so far guys, been great

Any other suggestions?
September 10, 2010 11:05:52 AM

I'm not sure why I mis-read yr CPU as an i5-750 instead of an i7-950 initially. Yeah, stick with the i7 and use triple channel.

You could, with a 6 ram-slot board, get 9 GB by using a 3x2 GB kit and a 3x1 GB kit, but you're probably be better off with 12 GB :) 

I still say get a cheap(er) second SSD for your page file instead of using your boot SSD

if you want a 2 TB drive, you might consider the Sp[inpoint F4 2TB model, which has a fast 300 MB throughput rate
September 10, 2010 1:09:10 PM

Oh didn't know there was an F4. I bought an F3 not long ago. Will have to look into that. It is a good, fast drive and no complaints. Startup noise is a bit loud "uuurrrppppp" but then after then it's a nice fast drive

Been using a Western Digital Silicon Blue SSD but the Kingston 64gb drives are less than £80 each now from some UK sites so think might as well get a pair of these.

One boot, then partition the other one into a page file / temp file

Thanks guys

Any suggestions on PSU? Want one where you can add/remove the cables you need
September 10, 2010 3:18:44 PM

you aren't running a graphics card on this system -- its no help with DB work -- so you shoudl get by with a minimal PSU. I'd suggest the 380W Antec Earthwatts or a 350 or 380W Sea Sonic as good, relatively inexpensive options, but they aren't modular

The smallest Modulars I'm seeing are OCZ ModStreamX Pro and Fatal1ty 500 and 550W models, both are 80+, and reliable supplies, but not as high quality as the seasonic or antec
September 10, 2010 3:29:23 PM


I wanted to run a quaddro GPU (they are low power I think) so I can run a twin monitor setup at good resolution.

Couple of 22" at 1920 x 1080

September 10, 2010 3:42:13 PM

with a Quadro GPU, Go ahead and get the 550W modular. Better safe than sorry.
September 10, 2010 4:13:29 PM

Can't get new egg as I am UK based

Wish I could!
September 10, 2010 4:29:39 PM

yep. I was suggesting the model, not the newegg price :D  Sea Sonic, Thermal Take, Cooler Master, OCZ and Antec should all be available in the UK
September 10, 2010 4:33:28 PM

That is a nice looking PSU. Look at the stockings on those cables, lol ;) 

Yeah would look pretty smart in the case
September 13, 2010 4:22:30 AM

^ That Be Quiet is also a good option...
So better to go with 500-550W PSU as you wont have to worry about power...Also these are 80+, so no issues...