Keyboard, mouse and mousemat for under £40?


I need a good keyboard, mouse and mouse mat for under £40 please. I'm mainly using it for gaming so I'm thinking wired would be a decent route to go down.

I don't really care about backlighting or any of the added features that Steelseries/Razer/etc. offer, I just want a durable and comfortable keyboard with volume/play/pause controls.
Again with the mouse, it just has to be comfortable, sturdy and responsive, extra buttons really don't matter.
Any decent mousemat should be fine thanks.

Thanks all!
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  1. just use a typical rubber/foam mousemat. gaming mousemats arent worth all the hype.

    look at some mice and keyboards from logitech and microsoft at your local office supply store. you dont need equipment specific to gaming.

    i've used both wired and wireless sets for gaming. some people claim to see a difference but honestly i have found that to not be the case. pick what is comfortable to you. if you do go wireless i wouldnt go with bluetooth, go with rf.
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