UK Gaming PC for £750

Hi all.

Firstly thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help. Basically i am trying to build a gaming PC using my old one where possible as a donor.

Budget: £750

Not Required Components: Keyboard, Mouse, CD/DVD Drive, HDD (I do require a new monitor!)

So based on this, this is my attempt at a PC build using sites around the UK and I am trying to keep the number of suppliers low to minimise delivery cost / problems. So here goes:

CPU: INTEL i5 760 @ £140.00

Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D-E @ £110.00

Memory: CORSAIR Dominator 4GB (2 x 2GB) @ £80.00

PSU: CORSAIR 650TX @£80.00 (Assuming this will be enough for CF GPU for a simple future upgrade)

CPU Cooling: COOLERMASTER Hyper 212 Plus @ £00.00 (got one given to me)

Case: ANTEC Three Hundred @ £45.00

Monitor: SAMSUNG P2370 @ £141.00

All these come to a total of £621.00. Therefore leaving me about £130.00 to play with for the graphics card. This is where i am a little stuck. If anyone can suggest a good graphics card that will allow for good gaming now, but also an easy upgrade in a year or so, either through CF or SLi then i would be very greatful.

Currently i am eyeing up on of the following three: Radeon HD 4890, Radeon HD 4870, Radeon HD 5830. Any thoughts?

Also if you have any other opinions on the rest of the build i would love to hear them.

Many thanks.

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  1. For a gaming rig if i were u i'd work from the best GPU my $$ can buy, a dependable 80+ PSU to support it and work backwards rather than short change gaming performance leaving GPU as the last piece of h/w hehe
  2. If its a gaming rig you're after you might want to make that the first thing in your budget. If i were you, i'd go with an AMD based build as it will fit in better with the constraints of your budget. Also remember you need to fit in a copy of windows in that budget too so just watch out for that.

    At this budget level i'd be looking at a 1GB GTX 460 as you can get them generally for £40 less than the 5830 and it performs at roughly the same level and even better in some circumstances. To add another GPU in there like you mentioned AND if you decide to go with a cheaper AMD build, you'll need a Nvidia based socket AM3 board like the Asus M4N98TD EVO. You might want to just up the PSU to a 750W one to be on the safe side if you are considering multi-gpu setups.

    I'm generally a massive fan of corsair memory, but there are cheaper kits out there that operate at similar performance levels so have a treck around.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Hmm with carefully picked out parts i am thinking u need not deal with performance form the HD 4890/HD 5830 country: at least 256bit/1GB GTX 460...possibly a HD 5870 with a slight overshot even! IMO not a good idea CF/SLI with HD6k and surely the Nvidia riposte incoming as well ^^
  4. scan have a palit 768mb gtx 460 for £126 which is a pretty good price.

    they also have a 5830 for £123 but its out of stock and you can only pre-order it.

    you could go for this antec 650w power supply and save over £10.

    the coolermaster elite cases are cheaper then the antec.
  5. Items off Ebuyer UK : 737 pounds

    NZXT Beta EVO 36 pounds

    773 pounds in total

    Too much then perhaps hit this HD 5850 instead of that HD 5870
  6. batuchka said:

    Hi Batuchka,

    Thanks very much for the help. I am agreed on re-jigging the price of the components to get a5850 or 5870. Not sure what you mean about not crossfire-ing. It is a sensible way to update the rig quickly with an easy update. The idea is to get a decent unit able to satisfy gaming now. Then upgrade later on.

    In response to using an AMD based system, do you not think by CF 5870 or 5850 you will bottleneck the system with that CPU? Doesn't seem all that balenced.

    Also, I am going to stick to a decent make of monitor...a good monitor will last...a lot longer than the pc anyways.

    Will take it all into account for attempt 2 :-D
  7. basically amd 965 @3.4 ghz = i5 750@2.66 ghz but the fact is that the 955 clocks just as well as the 965 so with one single bios adjustment will bring a 955 to 3.4 ghz.the intel does better in applications but they are largely equal in gaming and amd is cheaper
  8. With HD6k and the Nvidia riposte i would just hit the one HD 5870 1st and not do CF or SLI: at the rate tech moves and a game even more demanding than Metro 2033 in future i wouldn't enjoy being stuck with not one but 2 obsolete GPUs hehe You are welcomed ^^

  9. Hi Guys.

    I have taken into account your ideas. I have pretty much hit the budget and have kept my monitor and my i5 760. The thoughts behind this were to keep the costs down in areas that i could get slightly lesser specs / brands/ (OCZ over Cosair Mainly).

    Any thoughts?

    CASE: NZXT Gamma @ £35

    PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 700Watt Modular @ £70

    MOBO: ASUS P7P55D @ £100

    CPU: INTEL i5 760 @ £140

    Memory: OCZ 4GB DDR3 PC3-12800 Gold Edition @ £68

    Graphics: XFX Radeon HD 5850 @ £198

    Monitor: SAMSUNG P2370 @ £141

    Thanks a lot for all the help guys. This one comes in at £760 when you include the postage. Anyone got any warnings or suggestions to improve this version further?

    Many thanks. Jim
  10. Planning on buying the over rig later this week (tomorrow). I would be really greatful if anyone has any comments / known issues with the build.


  11. Maybe get some other RAM, OCZ isn't that great. G-Skill or something.
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