Good PC For £600 for my brother Play FSX ?

Ok I want to get my brother a PC it will be custom built my budget is £600 This PC will mostly be used for gaming like Flight Simulator X I also want to no what is the best CPU for gaming Intel or AMD ? also a good graphics card ? I will build the PC myself this way it will be much cheaper also what is the ideal power supply ? and how much memory ram will be enough and also the HDD ?
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  1. best graphics card price vs performance is the gtx 460 1gb, can you link the website you are buying from as im not familiar with the UK prices
  2. I will help and I know UK prices as I am from the UK, if you fill out this template:
  3. The PSU stated bu Calguyhunt would need an adapter from Molex to 6 pin, as GTX 460 needs TWO 6 pin cables.
  4. Yup, it would. Thanks Ogamy. My oversight. Just costs a couple of quids - 4Pin Molex to PCI-E 6Pin Adapter

    You don't need to order this from the net. Just buy it from your local neighbourhood store once you've got your system.
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