Best Intel® Core Processor for photography on a computer

Hello, was thinking about buying a lenovo e20 workstation and wanted to know what was the best processor for using lightroom 2.7 and photoshop elements 7, and do you have to have windows to install software. thanks john
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  1. Hi john!

    Depends on what kind of work you are planning to do. If you want to edit large images and work with big files in lightroom i would recommend a powerfull Xeon processor (The best one Lenovo has to offer in that model is the X3470)

    If you only plan light editing u wont be needing anything else then a i5-650.

    You do need an operating system to install software, i would recommend Windows but you can go with Linux aswell.
  2. thanks for the info and that is what i did!!!!!!!
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