£300 for new system guts

Since my socket 939 system with an X1800XT is starting(!) to get a little dated, I'm going to buy new components: motherboard, CPU, graphics and RAM. I've got a shopping list that comes to a little under £300 and just wanted to run it by some knowledgeable people to check if there's anything glaringly wrong with it, or any better value components I could be getting.

So, the list...

Asus M4A785TD-V
AMD Athlon X3 435
ATi HD5670 1GB
4GB Crucial 1333

Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get a CPU with a stable 4th core, but if not it's a good CPU and very overclockable from what I've read. The memory performed brilliantly in tests here at Tom's, and the graphics card is the longest I can fit in my case (Arctic Cooling Silentium).

So, any suggestions?
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  1. Oh, forgot to mention I'm willing to go up to about £350.

    Also, if you're wondering about the graphics card size issue, it's because the PSU sits at the front bottom of my case, with a hard disk caddy suspended behind it, right in line with the PCIe slot that a graphics card would sit in. It was a bit of a squeeze to plug the power cord into my current card, so the ideal is something that's reasonably powerful at 1680x1050 but doesn't need a dedicated power supply.
  2. What are you planning to do with your PC?
    Gaming or Audio/Video compressing/etc?
  3. Mostly photo editing and games, so I want something that can handle medium/high detail in current titles and can process Raw files quickly.
  4. That's a good build but make sure your power supply could support it, requires 400watt power supply or a good 350 watt
  5. I've got a good 450, I upgraded that a while ago in anticipation of getting everything else.
  6. mosox said:

    Good idea! I think I'll spend a little more and get the 1GB MSI card instead though.
  7. Nah, there's no difference between 1G and 512.

    Get this:

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