£1900 Build worth it?


What you think? Is this liquid metal cooling worth it?

And the parts ofc.
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  1. I mean, it's an ok machine but I'd never spend that much on one machine personally.
  2. I have a feeling that 'liquid metal cooling' is referring to something like a Danamics LMX Superleggera which is not as good as plenty of air coolers. If you're really interested then I'd ask them exactly what liquid metal cooling is.
    I just checked a bunch of links at scan and it came out at 1300 pounds. I could have done it for less, but it seems to me like they're charging ~£600 for assembly, OCing and warranty.
  3. Yeh £600 is alot I payed £1800 for my last pc from them but got everything included 24" screen full surround sound with soundcard, nice razor mouse and fancy keyboard ect, so I think my old system was worth it but this one seems steep.

    Has anyone else heard about this new cooling? I always trust fans like you say, easy to replace no risk of bad installion problems and pretty cheap.
  4. Well the easiest metal I can think of to do something like that would of course be mercury...
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