Samsung 20SA300B cannot display proper resolution.

This is what I have right now.

Samsung 20" SA300B LCD monitor
Acer laptop running an Nvidia GT 240M

Recently had my monitor repaired after it stopped displaying on it's analog input. After I got it back, it no longer displays it's optimum resolution of 1600x900. Prior to the repair, it worked fine.

As of right now, I've tried the following to fix the issue:

-Updated graphics drivers
-Installed and updated monitor drivers
-Creating a custom resolution in the graphics card setting.

Funny thing is, if I force it to 1600x900 using the graphics card settings, the monitor settings says it's displaying at 1400x1050. Monitor settings are all on defaults (which they were at when they worked).

Any suggestions on fixing this?
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  1. If anyone can offer any assistance on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Still struggling with this issue.
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