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Hey all,

Been researching for a bit now and at a bit of a dead end trying to find a 27' monitor. I am looking for a solid gaming monitor. Unless I'm missing any major players, the majority of the threads I've read have left me with three solid choices:

- Samsung S27A950D
- Samsung S27A850
- Dell U2711

I'm not sure If I should be focusing on the 120hz or the 2560x1440 resolution?

Any help in a timely manner is most appreciated. Would love to get my new monitor within the next few days for Diablo 3!

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  1. Do you want the 120hz for stereoscopic 3d (with shutter glasses) or for smoother animation? For Diablo 3 I doubt stereoscopic 3d would make a big difference (it's more useful for first-person perspective games), in which case you might prefer the 2560x1440 monitor. However, smoother animation probably wouldn't hurt, and you might think about the pixel density as well - the Samsungs would be about 82 pixels per inch, while the Dell is 109 pixels per inch.
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