Gaming PC, circa 2000$ / 1500£ / 1750€

Hello :)
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this and possibly even answering.
If I should have left out any important information or asked for the impossible: Just point it out!
(or use ALL CAPS and start calling me a n00b - whatever you prefer)

Purchase date
Most likely the last week of July. However, if there is a good reason to wait, I could hold my patience until the last week of August ;-)

The obvious uses: Web browsing, watching movies and last but most defiantly not least - playing games
The less obvious ones: Photoshop, Illustrator (Vector Graphics), Second Life, Blue Mars (CryEngine2 based), some limited CAD (Siemens NX6)

Parts not required
I'm not going to choose any fancy mouse/keyboard/speakers, however if you think you know a black keyboard that has a good response and a "square" design (i.e. no softed/rounded design elements): please share

Country of Origin
The system will be located in Switzerland, however getting parts from Germany won't be a problem either.

Parts preference
It has to be a Nvidia GPU as I use software which does not like ATI at all (not amd/ati's fault, but due to the software I use being developed by monkeys)
Also, I currently have an irrational preference for an Intel CPU - however, given good reasons I'm obviously going to choose an AMD if that's whats recommended here.

No, preferably not

Yes, the system has to be capable however my budget probably means that a second GPU will have to be a future upgrade

Monitor resolutions
Here comes the fun bit: I'll buy a new monitor as well (not part of the system's budget, max 400$ maybe?).
I'd love to have true 1080p HD capabilities (I don't own a TV, not enough room in my flat for that).
Apart from the price limit, I'm also physically limited by a maximum height of circa 50cm (there's a shelf above my desk)

I also currently use a second in extended desktop mode, an ASUS VW198 at 1680x1050
I'd love to keep that secondary monitor as I multi-task a lot (even if it's just writing this post and watching a movie on the second screen)

I do not want a fancy looking "gamer PC". The case should be black (my desk has black legs), but I do not require side windows, neon, color leds, etc
This doesn't mean it has to be a cheap case - just a "classy" one. Good quality and no plastic "easy-to-break-off" bits are what make a good case for me, however I'm not quite able to afford a Lian Li case.

Keeping in mind I'm not going to OC, I'm still considering watercooling if it means that I can reduce noise (Reviews of the 400er and 200er GPUs showed some serious noise production). If it's too expensive for my budget I will just turn up the speakers a bit ;-)

Bits and pieces
*USB 3.0
*Certified Wireless USB (not very high priority)
*eSata (again, low priority)
*FireWire (that should be obvious)
*Bluetooth (same as above, should be obvious)

*Sound: 5.1 would be nice, 7.1 would be better

*BluRay: A read/write drive would be nice, however I can always just keep a slot free and wait for them to become cheaper
*Secondary optical drive: It should have a second optical drive (dvd multi r/w), I also liked "lightscribe", it's however no way near necessary

Additional notes
I haven't used a desktop pc in nearly 4 years now (my usage required me to have a laptop and my pouch required me to buy only one computer), however I now have a decent Lenovo W500 Thinkpad and some money to still get a desktop.
I'm not planning on assembling the system myself, especially if it should indeed be WC, however I do know stores that will assemble the PC for a few Euro more and are willing to buy-in hardware they don't offer themselves.

Thanks again for reading all this (I'm assuming you didn't cheat and just scrolled to the bottom) and for any help ;-)

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