Samsung 27 inch monitor????

Hi! Brand new to this community, and I have a question. I am looking into a new 27 inch monitor and noticed newegg has a sale going. Any thoughts on this Samsung monitor??? ? Also, if not that monitor, are there any other monitors I should be looking into? My price range would be anything under $400 Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!
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  1. Weird to see a monitor with no DVI input... is that the norm these days or is everything moving to HDMI? I'm out of the loop... been using 20" and 24" Dell Ultrasharps for the past few years and am planning to add a second 24".

    Bigger isn't everything. I'd take a 24" Dell Ultrasharp over the 27" Samsung you linked to anyday. All else aside, the stand looks like something Samsung picked up at the Dollar store and what's with the red bezel?

    Depends on your needs, of course. The Dell is an IPS panel and doesn't have HDMI input.
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