Fast Cheap Work System @ £400

My dads computer is horrendously slow and I'm looking to find something for him that will be extremely quick yet cheap. I'm not sure if building a computer at this price range is the most price efficient way to get a fast computer, so please advise me on this.

However I've already thought up of a system that I hope will be very good for the price. It's running at £400 atm and is an i3, DDR3 system with an SSD (he doesn't need much space).

The intial build (£99.99)
- Case: Black Knight Micro ATX case - Black
- Motherboard: Asus P7H55-M (Socket 1156) DDR3 Motherboard
- Power Supply: OcUK Value 450W PSU
- Akasa Internal card Reader (6 card)

i3 530 2.96 Ghz CPU (£100.50)

Intel X25-V Value 40 GB SSD (£97.98)

OCZ Gold 4 GB 800 Mhz (£99.99)

So yeah, it runs up at just about £400, but I'm wondering if I could get it any cheaper? I'm thinking there might be some cheaper DDR3 RAM out there but I havn't found any.

Any advice/criticism?

Thanks ^^
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  1. One option to consider is buying a used computer. There are people who upgrade or new build, and want to get rid of their old computer that is in perfect working order.

    If you decide to go this route, test the computer under power, and then decide. If you have a computer guru friend, take her along. Pretty much like test driving a used car before purchase.
  2. I'll consider that but it's probably unlikely, thanks though, I'll look around.
  3. Could go a lot cheaper on the hdd, does he really need a solid state?

    I picked up a 320Gb 7200rpm Samsung off egay for £36ish inc postage not long back,
    If hes not fussed about case in particular, check out:
    and that gives you a 'spare' case for your next build :)
    And you could always use generic ram,
    But its how cheap you want it and how much your prepared to sacrifice quality. Gl with the build tho and keep us posted
  4. I have the exact same thought. You want cheap, and you buying a SSD!

    If your dad's old machine is as slow as you suggest, then getting him anything running a dual-core cpu and 4GB will be a big improvement. See budget box at
  5. Hmm even in my cheapest configs for clients best to stay away from 'free' PSUs with casings as once it blows it could take out a lot more than just itself @@ 376 GBP including ship off Ebuyer UK, 80+ Corsair 400 for peace of mind 24/7 ops ^^ Features cutting edge SATA/USB III tech as well
  6. There is no psu supplied with those cases, you would have to source one of those as well,
    however the mobo I listed does use Sata III as well, although not usb 3.0,
    I would have suggested an M4 board but I was keeping cost in mind, bang for buck as you might say :)
    I was on ebuyer as well and I'm pretty sure its free postage on any order over 48 quid ish, have to doublecheck though
  7. ^^ no psu with cases I mentioned in my Op I meant :P
  8. if i was you i would go for amd. and why would you need a ssd?
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