Need some input on new monitor.

Hi mates,

I have a 6 year old 17" Dell monitor that is starting to look green at random times, so I've decided it is time to upgrade. The problem is that I have several options that seem to be quite decent, but I don't want to buy anything without consulting someone first since I don't know a lot about monitors.

The situation so far

Looking for: A 24" LCD or LED, 1980*1024 or similar monitor or TV, with HDMI.

Budget: $250 dollars

Intended use: PS3, PC gaming, second display for Laptop, 3Ds Max, Zbrush, text editing, movies, etc.

Options so far:

Toshiba TV LCD 24HV10UM (Although I didn't find any reviews or opinions on this one)

Benq G2420HD


ViewSonic VX2453mh-LED

I'm open for any piece of advice you may offer, and I thank you in advance for your attention.


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  1. 1980x1024?? thats a strange resolution.

    1920x1080 is more common now and will benefit the ps3 and movies more due to the 720p or 1080p content.

    1920x1200 is also common and will benefit your other work. ps3 games may have black bars at the top and bottom however.

    at that price range you are looking at TN panels.

    at that price range the led backlighting may give a blue-hue to colors but you can adjust most of that out in the setup. led does offer power savings over ccfl backlighting though.

    for ps3 use you require hdcp compatability. double check this or it will not work at all.

    for laptop use you may want hdmi input on the monitor so all you need is a hdmi to hdmi cable but its your choice.

    dell, asus, viewsonic, acer... all seem to get recommended on here. i've seen some benq, samsung and others but i'm not the one to ask about them. read reviews on the models you decide on before you make a decision.
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