£565 gaming pc build-advice?

My friend built a pc for me but since we're both rather young I didn't completely trust his knowledge so he recommended I ask here. All I really wanted was a pc that could play new releases such as Just cause 2 and GTA IV.
Heres the main specs:

Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™2 Quad Q8400 (2.66GHz) 1333MHz FSB/4MB Cache
Motherboard ASUS® P5G41-M LX2 S: DUAL DDR2, S-ATA II, 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI
Graphics Card 1GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GT240 PCI EXPRESS (3D BluRay Ready!)

He also recommended a surge protector "just in case" :??:

Now this is going to drain most of the money I saved if not all of it so another thing, is it worth it?
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  1. You haven't really given us enough info for us to help best. If you have a look at this format then we would most likely get all the info we need. However I will say that the graphics card is not that powerful, I think you should spend less on the CPU so that you can afford a better graphics card. I haven't bothered with a surge protector.
  2. DDR2 platform + GT240 (struggles to keep pace with a dated 9600GT) + LGA 775 seems to me like hardware choices tailor made in Hell so for me:

    Above 438 GBP all in combo (off EBuyer UK) is

    1.8x/8x/4x Triple crossfire capable (though modern gaming class GPUs would get bottlenecked on that last lane IMO)

    2. SATA/USB III tech onboard
    3. 1680 X 1050 AA/AF capable...anyhigher you may want to hit a HD 5830-5850 perhaps?

    Tell your mate you'd play footie and share some Guiness at your favourite pub with the lad but next time have a whip and chain ready next time he recommends DIY PC hardware ya (joking :P)
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