My wife cleaned our monitor screen / !oh no!

As stated -she now has a hazy loking screee. i've tried everything, but--jus the usuall reccomendations. water and rubbing alcohol. Maybe someone here has an idea i can fix the "swipe marks" she made pleas contact me at or here thanks for anything :??: bob s
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  2. You can't really fix that, most screens have a protective coating on them, which is what got rubbed off, or partially rubbed off.

    I find that the magic eraser works pretty well to clean out screens but don't know if that will work in your case. It has removed pen and marker from screens I have used it on, without any damage that I have seen. Including on my $600 LCD monitor that my daughter wrote on with a Sharpie.
  3. There's also wipes that are antistatic and are safe for computer parts, screens, keyboards, everything basically. She probably used too strong of a solvent and the coating came off.
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