Vga port won't work on motherboard

I just put together my first build. Everything seems to be in working order, all the fans come on, the keyboard comes on, even the led on the bottom of my mouse comes on. The only issue is that my VGA monitor won't detect the signal.

I know the monitor works, I use it as a second screen for my laptop all the time. It's pushed all the way in. I honestly can't think of what it could be. I'm running a z68 asus mobo, radeon 6870, and i5 2400. I don't have a dvi monitor :/, and the gpu doesn't have a VGA port or an adapter.

Any ideas?
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  2. I noticed my monitor also has a dvi connection, so I went and bought one. Plugged into the gpu and it worked. Thanks for the help tho.
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  4. Glad it worked!
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