23" 120hz vs 27" Monitors

What up Tom's,
Just looking for a little friendly advice in the monitor department based on the following criteria:

Going to play the following games primarily:
-Diablo 3
-Tribes Ascend
-Starcraft 2
-Battlefield 3

So i ordered a Planar SA2311W which is an outstanding monitor from what i have read online. I unboxed it and set it up and was really excited to see this new 120hz "smoothness" in action. I must say i was pretty disappointed when i first turned the monitor on as it looked like all of the colors were "washed" (dull) compared to my old ASUS 21.5" monitor (VH226H). I tried every setting on the monitor plus every setting on my Catalyst drivers and still couldn't get it to have that "pop" on the colors that i got from the ASUS monitor.

Now i am a sucker for very bright colors (not sure if you call that over-saturated or if there is another term for it). My TV at home is a 40" Samsung that i run on the "Dynamic" setting all the time. I love when the colors looks like they were painted on the other side of the TV glass. When I first shopped for this TV i had countless salesmen try and tell me that you don't see as much detail because of the "over-saturation" but quite frankly i don't care as they tend to look less "vibrant". I would rather have that "pop" over the detail.

With that in mind in a drunken craze i woke up and realized I purchased the ASUS VG236H because my mind told me I wanted 120hz with the ASUS colors i was used to. Its currently on the way to the house. One of the main reasons i ordered it was this picture:

The Samsung in this picture may have better detail and a "better image" but i like the color "pop" on the ASUS much better.

In telling this instance to a few buddies a lot of them mentioned "why not just get the 27" ASUS, for the games you play the 120hz would barely be noticable". Hence i arrived here to ask with my current selection of games would it be more worth it to get the extra real estate with 27" or stick with the ASUS 23" 120hz. I am "hoping" that either monitor would have the "over-saturated" colors but im not sure unless i can physically see them. If i did get the 27" i would wall mount it about 8-10" further away then i would have the 23" so that might help with the 1920x1080 resolution.

Any opinions on which way you would go? Some questions that have arose are:

-Is 1920x1080 too low a resolution for a 27"?
-Is it worth more money for a 23" 120z vs a 27"?
-Does 120hz even come into play on my list of games?
-Would it be worth getting the 27" 120hz for the increased cost of about $300 for a total of $700 (Question #1 applied here too).

Just looking for some feedback

TLDR: Which to buy (23" 120hz ASUS, 27" ASUS, 27" 120hz ASUS (xpensive!))

Also anyone want to buy a great 120hz monitor, just got it, SA2311w (check the reviews and read above on why i don't like it, most people will im just slightly deranged with my color preferences).

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  1. i think you could have just asked this:

    "Just looking for some feedback
    TLDR: Which to buy (23" 120hz ASUS, 27" ASUS, 27" 120hz ASUS (xpensive!)) "

    could you say what are the models exacly? the 27" is probably 3D if yes, that explains the extra cash and if you are going to play in 3D yes it worth it, otherwise no go with the smaller screen 120hz if you can.

    i can tell you that today i would not waste money on any screen that isn't 120hz, now that i am used to it i just can't use lower refresh rate.
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