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Ok, so I am having trouble deciding on what type of monitor(s) that I should get. I ask for your guidance in this area and for any help that you may be able to give.

Desktop build that I plan on ordering (hopefully 680's will be available in near future)

I swore starting out that I would not exceed $3700 as this is what was given to me recently as my bonus upon the completion of nuclear power school (US Navy) and as you can see I will be pretty close to the limit after screens are purchased... I am a bit of a videophile and so the most important thing about my build is that in the end the screen looks good enough for me to justify to myself spending almost 4K dollars.

I originally had planned to buy 3 ASUS 24" LED backlit monitors, but then realized that I did not have enough room currently to use this setup and would have to do 3240x1920 (3 monitors in portrait configurations) instead of 5760x1080 (3 monitors in landscape configuration). I then was thinking about getting three ASUS 23" LED backlit IPS monitors which would have cost an additional $300 to the cost, but would have allowed for the portrait configuration that I desire. Of course these monitors have a horrid review of having almost every other person complaining about backlight bleed.

After looking at nearly every monitor on newegg and tigerdirect I am here requesting help. These are the things that I am looking for in my monitor config:

1)minimum resolution of 1920x1080P (for each monitor)
2)LED backlighting
3)Current spacing limitations (needs to fit with 41"x12" spacing, this is why landscape mode is not a possibility), but would like minimum 21" screens
4)Will be used for gaming, therefore lower response time is beneficial.
5)In order to achieve portrait stands must support 90 degree pivot
6)The thinner the bezel the better
7)IPS preferred

I don't expect to find a monitor with every single thing I am looking for and within my price range, but hoping to find something close.
Also, do any of you think it would be worth it for the dell 27" 2560x1440 monitor? I believe it is around $800 on newegg. Hopefully if I am able to sell my UN40C7000 samsung I will be able to add a little bit more to the budget.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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  1. Alright, most of the stuff in the first post still applies, but I figured that I would streamline it a bit. If I have a budget of $1000 for screen real estate what would you guys recommend. I would like multi monitor or extremely high resolution. What would you guys get. space limit does still apply unfortunately.
  2. 1440p is AWESOME for gaming (and everything else). I use a Samsung SA850 27".

    The drawbacks of any monitor of this resolution is the lag is a bit more that 120hz "gaming" monitors.

    So it really depends on which way you want to go - triple screen 3D/120hz or one screen with a really impressive res (and better colour).

    Personally I wouldn't go back to 1080p.

    The only issue with the Dell 27" is that it has an aggressive anti-glare coating that give a grainy type effect which can be a problem if you want to read black text on a white background, for example. This is why I chose the Samsung.

    So try to narrow down your preferences and then we can help you find the right solution.
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