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Hey Guys i am a professional graphic design for both still designs (print) Photo editing and also digital designs like websites and i need some new IPS monitor for a good color reproduction,

my budget is 400$-450$ tops
Cant be one of those monitors released 2-3 years ago
Size needs to be 23"-24"
also the surface cant be glossy like the Apple thunderbolt monitors
would be nice if the monitor had portrait orientation capability

Thank you very much for answers
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    I don't believe a monitor fitting your criteria exists.

    For graphic design you want h-ips not e-ips. Those start around $500, the best (imho) is the u2410 fir $550 but that's 2 years old.

    The other screen I'd look at is the Asus pro-art PA246Q for $500.

    The panel you really want is the NEC 2490 but thats $750.

    Less than that and you're looking at e-ips which isn't true 8bit per channel.
  2. I have a friend who uses the Asus Pro-art for photography related and image re-touching and is quite happy with it's performance.

    This IPS is also factory calibrated so you are ready to go straight out of the box and portrait mode is supported.

    You will find most IPS monitors have anti-glare coating.

    Colour is 10 bit per channel but be sure you have the right graphics card to support it (unless 8 bit is enough).
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