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I've been experiencing this weird problem recently. Every time i play games i get faint,long horizontal lines that keep moving up or down. However everywhere else it seems to be perfectly fine. In some games this gets brighter and more annoying, in others it's barely visible. The game that suffers from this most of all is Deus ex - Human revolution. I've been fiddling with the options for quite a bit but couldn't make them go away. Please help if you can, it's getting really annoying.

Monitor - (21.5'' LED) AOC 2250Swa
graphic card - Nvidia Geforce 440GT

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  1. Make sure each game is using the native resolution of your monitor. LCD/LED monitors can do a poor job of stretching a lower resolution image to the full resolution of the monitor.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll use Deus ex as an example. If i set that game to the native resolution of my monitor (1920-1080), the line shimmering is minimised but not gone.I could live with that,but playing on that resolution newer games like this is not really an option because my video card is quite weak. So if i change the game and my monitor to not have lag 1280-1024 for example, the shimmering becomes quite intense.

    However I've just found out that if i turn vsync on, the shimmering stops. BUT if i then activate triple-buffering, it goes back to it's usual pace. If that works on older games, atleast i could play them, but triple buff is a must for me to run some newer stuff.

    So basically if i don't turn vsync on, the lines appear, if i do, it destroys my fps and as far as I can tell, without the tripe buff thing removes the lines. However i have to have buffing on to have decent fps. Dayum this is complicated :/

    Also the horizontal lines seem to appear in games that have many dark colors,places.So in Dirt 3 it's almost impossible to spot them because everything is always so bright and moving fast.
  3. Are you connected to the monitor by VGA or DVI? If VGA, then that is much less stable than a digital connection like DVI or HDMI.
  4. VGA. I have heard that DVI makes the images look more crisp and beautiful but i wasn't sure it would remove the shimmering. Guess I'll have to try it out since there's not much left to do. Do i have to get just the wire that connects my vcard and monitor or do i also need 1 that goes into the monitor and the plug ?
  5. You just need to get a DVI cable to connect from our video card to your monitor.
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