Dell 1703fp no longer working/blank screen

I have a Dell 1703fp that was showing no problems until a couple days ago. I had turned off the monitor's power source, and when I turned it back on it no longer worked. Instead, the monitor starts up with a garbled start-up screen followed by a blank and unresponsive screen. The power/adjustment buttons do nothing, and the only way to turn the monitor off is unplugging it. I tried unplugging the DVI cable from the monitor and computer and the power from the monitor and re-plugging everything in, and that causes the whole monitor screen to flash white->red->green->blue a couple times before being left with the blank screen again. Any idea what happened/how to fix the monitor/would fixing it be feasible?

Garbled start-up:
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  1. That thing looks like it was not taken care of very well, huge amount of dust on it.

    Replace it, cheaper than having someone check it for a fix.
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