Looking for help building a $550 (£350)ish budget gaming pc

Hello All, I am new here, sorry If I post anything wrong. I am looking to build a cheap gaming computer for around $550. I am not sure how possible that is however I have some components already. I would be greatful for any advice you can offer, thanks!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: The Summer BUDGET RANGE: $550 (£350, Maximum £400), I live in England, not sure if that affects anything)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, movies, Internet usage, studying computers

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, Keyboard and mouse, speakers, Possibly Hard drive - Is it possible to recycle that? I can't see I need a new one.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Any, some advice on the best would be useful too please COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: England

PARTS PREFERENCES: Again, I would like your opinions

OVERCLOCKING: Would be nice to have that option, I dont really want SLI


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: As you can see, am quite new to the actual building of a computer, however I know enough about them to put one together!

Thank again!
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  1. for that price range you will definitely need a AMD / ATI combo

    my suggestion would be to get a dual core athlon II with a decent cooler to be able to overclock

    an ati 5770. try to get the best graphics card and

    spend less money on memory and mainboard as performance does not match price in these two components.

    use the old case and get a 500 W power source to save money... cheers

    either way you do it, get the best graphics card you can afford, you will not regret the option and quite frankly you will need it for a 1080p monitor
  2. Thank you! This is very useful information
  3. Ebuyer UK
  4. Ok I have just had a look at some prices, what do you think of this:

    Motherboard: ASUS M4A77D AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard - £60

    Processor: AMD Black Edition - AMD Phenom II X4 3.4 GHz Processor - £145

    Graphics Card: ATI radeon 5770 - £120

    Are all of these compatible?

  5. Thanks for the suggestions Batuchka! What do you think of my selections?
  6. I guess I dont need such a powerful processor?
  7. Well yes it is compatible, but you won't have much budget left over to get other things. Getting a less expensive/powerful CPU would be a good step to get other components.
  8. Thanks, is there any easy way to tell which cpu and motherboards are compatible? It's to do with AM3 or something? Thanks again
  9. Yea AM3 is the socket, so if the motherboard is AM3 then AM3 CPUs, Athlon II X2,3,4 and Phenom II X2,3 & 4 are very likely to be compatible. To double check it is usually best to go to the motherboard's product page and check the CPU compatibility list. Those same CPUs often go in AM2+ motherboard as well, altho they use DDR2 RAM, which is slightly more of a budget friendly option, but DDR2 is yesterday's tech, so not the best option if it can be avoided.
  10. Ok cool, thanks.. oh and do processors come with heatsinks and fans? Would I have to buy case fans too? Oh and thermal paste? Obivously I have never bought one before.

    Thanks for all the help everyone
  11. Retail processors come with a heatsink and fan, with thermal paste preapplied. Stock heatsinks are usually fine for a small overclock. If you are going to overclock by quite a way then it is a good idea to buy an aftermarket heatsink, some comes with fans, others you'd have to buy a fan for and again some (rarely) come with thermal paste preapplied, most you have to buy some.

    As for the case, the higher end ones will usually come with enough fans, for a low end one, if they have any fan bays spare it would probably be a good idea to fill them.
  12. yumpum said:
    Thanks for the suggestions Batuchka! What do you think of my selections?

    Well considering your budget and still more h/w to cram in ...
  13. Thanks again, This has been a very useful post.
  14. Also, is this motherboard

    A good choice? Any downsides to it? What should I be looking for when buying one?

  15. 1. That mobo is fine *if* u had some DDR2 idling around looking preety but for a fresh build go for an exclusively socket AM3 mobo with DDR3 DIMM slots ^^
    2. You could visit unofficial forums or 'owners threads' to get a feel of its strengths/kinks/etc for any mobo u eyeing
  16. Ah ok, DDR3 is it then, thanks!
  17. Ok one question, is 2gb of DDR3 enough? I know with DDR2 you needed atleast that just to run vista, will this be enough to run games? How much better is DDR3?
  18. Yes 2GB for Windows 7 is fine Well look to hit more when u aren't in dire straits hehe For a gaming rig 2gigs is ok
  19. awesome thanks, well looking at your suggestions from ebuyerUK you seem to pretty much have it perfect for me, perhaps I could get a slightly more powerful processor.
  20. Check out the amd phenom II x2 550, only about £70 and there's a chance you can unlock 2 more cores to make it a quad core, on my I phone so can't post a link to my thread, I'm building a similar system and have recieved alot of help on this forum, I'll try and post the link in a min.

    P.s I ordered items from ebuyer on Friday for Saturday, never arrived, I called them and they said they had a system error and pymt wasn't recieved, I advised them not to take pymt and cancel the order. They ignored that and took the pymt while a was on the phone, now I have to wait till Monday to re order - customer service was shocking, just a warning about e buyer

    gd luck
  21. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/284399-13-time-build-%C2#bas

    my budget is about 650 but includes a monitor, hopefully there is some info on there that can help
  22. nice, this is very helpful information from everyone, thanks! Also thanks for the warning about Ebuyer
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