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Inexpensive Monitor with TV/Video Input

I'm getting ready to build a new computer and looking for a new monitor. I still have an old Sony CRT monitor that has done me well since 1999. I figure now is a good time to upgrade and get a nice flat panel monitor (or 2). I'm looking for something that also has inputs to hook up a cable box or a gaming rig so I can switch from my computer to an external device. Figure there might be times I'll want to hook up the old SNES or Playstation so it'll need to have video and/or component inputs.

I haven't seen too many multifunction monitors so not sure if there's a big selection or not. Looking for suggestions on what would be some good options. Thanks!
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  1. I found this Samsung monitor on Newegg. Looks like it has good reviews, has a variety of inputs and not to expensive. Any thoughts or comparison monitors?
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    That one looks good, but really any 22-24" LCD 1080p TV will do what you want. Samsung is in the top tier of brands although you can get one for $50 cheaper with a more generic Vizio or something that would still be good.
  3. Is there a difference between getting a LCD flat panel monitor that has video input versus getting a small flat screen TV that has PC input? Has the line between computer monitor and TV been erased with the movement to flat screen LCD/LED?
  4. Not too much difference in the smaller sizes. Monitors tend to have higher quality though, but less inputs.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at this Samsung monitor. Found it cheaper on Amazon.
  6. OfficeMax carries the Samsung monitor and I went to take a look and it's pretty bad. The monitor itself looks good, but the stand it's on is horrible. A swift breeze and it might fall over.

    Are there any other monitors that anyone recommends or should I look into a 21" LCD TV that has PC input?
  7. Samsung had a much better 24 inch monitor/HDTV that has an excellent display. It uses a 16:10 (1920 by 1200) resulution - T240HD. Not sure it's still available.
    Have one and it was great for both computer and my stand-a-long DVD recorder with cable TV input. Currently using it as a TV as I replaced with the 27". Unless you want the 27 " I would highly recommend the Samsung T240HD if you can find it.

    Samsung also has a 27 Inch Monitor/HDTV (P2770HD), which I also have.
    Currently Have it set up with: Computer 1 on DVI input, Computer 2 on PC Input, DVD recorded (Cable Input) On the HDMI for recording/watching cable TV, and an OTA ant hooked to the Ant input.
  8. Both of those Samsung monitors look to have the same stand as the B2430HD that I posted earlier. A lot of reviews indicate that the stand is poor and when I saw it in person, it was very wobbly. Do you not experience these issues?
  9. I've had no problems with the stand on either the T240HD or the P2770 HDTV..
    The stand is strudy although you can feel some play in it. I've had both over a year, the t240 I think i've had for two years. In fact I kind of like the small amount of play as it does not jar the monitor if I bump it slightly.
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