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Glossy screens anywhere?

I just can't believe this is such a hard order to fill. I'm looking to replace my monitor, I had an HP for years. I love the gloss finish, I know many don't, but I do! Now that I'm looking to replace it, I'm finding the industry has gone nearly all matte finish. WTF?

So please, can anybody give me a direction here. Looking for a 22-24 inch monitor in a gloss screen finish. Thanks!
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  2. Actually . . .the only glossy screens available are from HP (no vesa mount on any of their models), Samsung (I pay double the price for the ones meeting my criteria), LG & Acer (jury still out on that, not at all impressed by either of those brands).

    I'm presently starting to look at tv's that might fill my needs. This is absolutely crap! Gloss is always a crisper picture!
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