Dell u2412m vs HP zr24h

I looking to but a 3 monitors for mainly gaming but also some Photoshop. I mainly play horror games so a monitor that has good blacks and low light bleed is preferable. Both have their pros and cons but heres my main questions

Some reviewers say that the Dell has light bleeding but is it really that ?

The HP supposed matte finish makes it look grainy and I hate that look but will only a pro notice it?
will I notice a difference between s ips(HP) and e ips(Dell)

I wouldent consider myself extremely picky but is these are major flaws then I will look for something else with less cons

Any other suggestions are appreciated but im trying to stay in the $1100 range

Ghosting doesnt really bug me, current monitlr has a 8 Ms response time fine with it(but I have never tried anything lower)
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  1. Yes! S-IPS has better viewing angles, less input lag, and uses true 8 bit color vs 6 bit, meaning the color quality is much greater.
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